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 Last Modified Time-stamp: "2014-06-30 01:47:56 MDT"

Revision history for Perl module Text::Unidecode

2014-06-30   Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.01 -- first official Unidecode release since 2001!!!
	* There are no real changes since the 2014-06-23 developer
	release.  I'm just making this all official now.
2014-06-23   Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.00_03
	* Now asserting that we need at least Perl 5.8.0
	An automated test system that tried running the t/*.t
        under a 5.6.2 spewed all kinds of crazy error messages.
	Hence the bump-up.
	So, I added assertions for the version.
	* I added some tests for more basic sanity assertions.
2014-06-17   Sean M. Burke
	v1.00_02 - Not released.  Just internal rearranging.
2014-06-13   Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.00(_01!)- so many years later, finally we bump up to 1.*!

	* My documentation is now BRILLIANT.
	* Minor bugfixes.
	* Some code comments for clarity.
	* A modern test suite.

	* A proper release will follow in a few days.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 0.04 -- forgot to put TODO.txt in 0.03.  Now including
	it.  That's the only change.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 0.03 -- first public release.


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