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 Last Modified Time-stamp: "2015-08-28 03:29:02 MDT sburke@cpan.org"

Revision history for Perl module Text::Unidecode

2015-08-28   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.24.  Fixing a little (BIG) bug that David Cusimano is a
	  superstar for having noticed.  Ah, what a difference a ";" vs a ","

	* I'M BACK.  After nine months of semi-catastrophic system failures,
	and after Voyager-style flybys of a dozen project deadlines... and now
	I can somehow try to get back in the swing of things.

	* ANOTHER superstar is Mistah Brendan Byrd who said that there are
	[ https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=102357 ] many ports of
	Unidecode to other languages and that I should brag about that fact,
	and he is very extremely correct, so now the Pod in Unidecode.pm indeed
	does just that.

 	* (I got my distro-building back up and running.  WOLVERIIIINES!)

	* I'm thinking of having future Unidecode/*.pm data files contain the
	canonical Unicode character name for every character as a comment.
	Obviously, this would make the dist pretty big.  But the
	lib/Unidecode/*.pm files is somewhere around a meg.  What's a few megs
	more?... with the benefit of added clarity?  Everyone's a winner!
2014-12-07   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.23.  Just a bugfix version.
	* The bug in question: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=97456
	* Thank you very much to superstar Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaker for noting
	  it first *and* for providing a patch for a problem that would baffle
	  me completely:
	   "On perls 5.8.8 through 5.12.x, regex matches against UTF-16
  	   surrogate characters emits a fatal "Malformed UTF-8 character"
	   warning if warnings are enabled. ExtUtils::MakeMaker prior to 6.78
	   runs the test suite with -w, causing the installation to fail.
	   The attached patch [which I applied -SMB] disables utf8
	   warnings while doing the regex substitution and converting the
	   character number to a character in the test."
 	  And thank you very much to Ricardo Signes and Tim Bunce for reminding
	  me to actually release this thang!  I was stupid and forgot... for
	  several MONTHS.
	* Doc: Adding mention of Tom Christiansen's "Perl Unicode Cookbook":
	* Doc: Adding a suggestion of "use utf8;" in German example.
2014-08-15   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* RELEASE 1.22.  (The dev release works, so this is a version bump.)
	* See notes for 2014-07-25, because this is the first public release
	with significant changes since 2001!
2014-07-25   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* !Release 1.20_01!
	* Many bugfixes.  Thanks especially to Tomaž Šolc!
	* Yet more *.t files added for improved sanity checking.
	* Shuffling around the internals of Unidecode.pm
	* Putting in some vacuous 0x__.pm files where
	previously there would just be a load failure
2014-06-30   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.01 -- first official Unidecode release since 2001!!!
	* There are no real changes since the 2014-06-23 developer
	release.  I'm just making this all official now.
2014-06-23   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.00_03
	* Now asserting that we need at least Perl 5.8.0
	An automated test system that tried running the t/*.t
        under a 5.6.2 spewed all kinds of crazy error messages.
	Hence the bump-up.
	So, I added assertions for the version.
	* I added some tests for more basic sanity assertions.
2014-06-17   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	v1.00_02 - Not released.  Just internal rearranging.
2014-06-13   Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 1.00(_01!)- so many years later, finally we bump up to 1.*!

	* My documentation is now BRILLIANT.
	* Minor bugfixes.
	* Some code comments for clarity.
	* A modern test suite.

	* A proper release will follow in a few days.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 0.04 -- forgot to put TODO.txt in 0.03.  Now including
	it.  That's the only change.
2001-07-14  Sean M. Burke  sburke@cpan.org
	* Release 0.03 -- first public release.