0.23  2007-03-31

- Fixed tests to not fail if optional modules were not installed.

0.22  2007-03-30

- Fixed broken example code in the SYNOPSIS.

- Add some pod tests and improve pod coverage.

- Sign distro

- Add passthrough Makefile.PL

- Shut up warnings from File::Temp in tests.

0.21  2002-10-03

- Make installation easier for people without Module::Build.

0.20  2002-08-26 (from Taiwan)

(several years later)

Just for kicks, I thought I'd rework this code a bit, given that this
is the first CPAN module I ever wrote and could use some rewriting.
This release does break a fair chunk of the old interface, but I think
that's for the best.

- Remove Thesaurus::DBI (which never did anything anyway, it was just
  placeholder code that never got written).

- Remove Thesaurus::DBM in favor of new Thesaurus::BerkeleyDB module.

- Remove Thesaurus::File in favor of new Thesaurus::CSV module.

- Rewrite internals quite a bit.

- Change "dump" method to "all".