1.05	9 November 2019

1.04    7 December 2012
        Upgraded to Devel::MaintBlead 0.08.  This should fix the problem as
        reported in https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=81354 by
        Justin Traer.  Also upgraded the maint version to 0.14.

1.03    4 June 2012
        Upgraded to Devel::ThreadsForks 0.05 and Devel::MaintBlead 0.04.
        Also upgraded the maint version to 0.13.

1.02    2 June 2012
        Updated "maintblead" to Devel::MaintBlead 0.02.  This should fix the
        problem that if an inappropriate Perl version was seen, the Makefile.PL
        would not exit.  Also updated "threadsforks" to Devel::ThreadsForks

1.01    1 June 2012
        No functional differences, except that the threads/forks check is
        now done by Devel::ThreadsForks, and the maint/blead code path logic
        is now done by Devel::MaintBlead.  Also added installation text which
        explains the features of maint/blead code paths.

        The maint version has been upped to 0.12 to differentiate it from
        0.11 with regards to the installation process.

1.00    30 May 2012
        Allow testing with unthreaded perl but with "forks" installed.

        Split codebase into "blead" (1.00) and "maint" (0.11) version.
        Minimum requirement for this module is now perl 5.14, unless you
        want to install the "maint" version.

        Upgrade "blead" code and test-suite to 5.14 features.  No other
        functional changes yet.

0.10    1 April 2012
        Some code refactoring and code esthetics.  Verified it runs on 5.14.2.

0.09    3 October 2007
        Hopefully fixed test-suite for non-thread enabled Perls.  Updated
        to use new VERSION feature of Devel::Required.

0.08    28 December 2003
        Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.07    13 August 2003
        Cleaned up Makefile.PL and updated copyright info.  Made sure the
        test-suite runs without warnings.

        Removed use of "our" and ":unique" from the source, as with all my
        other thread modules.

0.06    24 July 2002
        Made the dequeue_xxx methods die centrally.

        Made $VERSION and @ISA have the : unique attribute to save memory.

        23 July 2002
        Fixed problem with warnings if an undefined exit value was used
        (the default).

0.05    21 July 2002
        Added "can_ok" test to test-suite.

        Renamed dummy "dequeue_nb" to "dequeue_dontwait" to be more in line
        with Thread::Pool.  Added synonym "dequeue_nb" for compatibility.

0.04    18 July 2002
        Added support for "post" routine, so that a routine will be executed
        when monitoring stops.  Results of the "post" routine are available
        with the "join" method on the thread object.

0.03    17 July 2002
        My my, third version on the same day!

        Added class method "self" for use within the "pre" or "monitor"
        routine the Thread::Queue::Monitored object they're working for.

        Changed the input parameters of "new" to be more like those of
        Thread::Pool->new.  This is incompatible with the way it was
        before.  Fortunately there won't be that many people hurt by
        it.  Adapted the test-suite accordingly.

0.02    17 July 2002
        Added support for Thread::Queue::Any::Monitored by making the
        monitoring routine dependent on the class for which it is being

        Fixed some documentation nits.

0.01    17 July 2002
        First version of Thread::Queue::Monitored.