Revision history for Tickit-Async

0.20    2017/03/01 21:53:55
         * Fixes for Tickit 0.62:
            + A terrible hack to not appear to hang entirely with new
              C-library Window implementation of Tickit 0.62
            + Make unit test not actually hang

0.19    2016/12/20 20:01:41
         * Fix tests for Tickit 0.58 event structure accessor method style

0.18    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tickit 0.32's structural key/mouse events
         * Implement Tickit->timer() API

0.17    BUGFIXES:
         * Use IO::Async::OS->pipepair now it's not on $loop in unit tests
         * Use new 'linetype' style attribute to Tickit::Widget::Frame in

0.16    BUGFIXES:
         * Provide Tickit::Term with a real output handle to avoid breaking
           tests with the DECVSSM probe sequence

0.15    CHANGES:
         * Removed $SIG{__DIE__} override as it wasn't needed, and in any case
           didn't work properly

0.14    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tickit 0.18
           + added required $term->flush to unit tests

0.13    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tickit 0.17
         * Use a weasel for CODEref that flushes initial output events
         * Catch fatal exceptions during main loop run, print after
           restoring terminal

0.12    CHANGES:
         * Updated for Tickit 0.14 and IO::Async 0.47

0.11    BUGFIXES:
         * Handle SIGINT to terminate gracefully, restoring terminal state

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Split module out from base Tickit distribution