2008-03-08  dave

	* [r23] MANIFEST:
	  Added Build.PL to MANIFEST
	* [r22] MANIFEST:
	  Moved Regex.pm in MANIFEST
	* [r21] lib/Tie/Hash/Regex.pm:
	  Removed old CVS log.
	  Switched references from dave.org.uk to mag-sol.com.
	  Forced use of Perl >= 5.6.
	  Used "our" instead of "use vars".
	  Added "use warnings".
	  Added LICENSE (sic) section.
	* [r20] t/pod.t, t/test.t:
	  Switched to using Test::More.
	  Removed old Test comments.
	  Added t/pod.t.
	* [r19] MANIFEST:
	  Removed COPYING from MANIFEST
	* [r18] COPYING:
	  Removed COPYING
	* [r17] Regex.pm, lib, lib/Tie, lib/Tie/Hash,
	  Moved Regex.pm to lib
	* [r16] Build.PL, Makefile.PL:
	  Switch from Makefile.PL to Build.PL

2006-06-01  dave

	* [r15] Regex.pm:
	  Raising to version 1.0
	* [r14] MANIFEST, t/pod_coverage.t:
	  Added t/pod_coverage.t

2004-10-23  dave

	* [r13] Regex.pm, t/test.t:
	  Improve test coverage.

2004-05-22  dave

	* [r12] t/test.t:
	  Added some new tests

2004-05-12  dave

	* [r11] COPYING, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, README.xml:
	  Added various files to cvs
	* [r10] t, t/test.t:
	  Added test file to CVS

2002-09-23  dave

	* [r9] Regex.pm:
	  Fixed to work with Perl 5.8.0.

2002-07-28  dave

	* [r8] Regex.pm:
	  Applied "exists" hash from Steffen M´┐Żller.

2002-07-12  dave

	* [r7] Regex.pm:
	  Corrected Attribute::Handler dependencies

2001-12-09  dave

	* [r6] Regex.pm:
	  Doc fixes.
	* [r5] Regex.pm:
	  Added Attribute::Handlers interface.

2001-09-03  dave

	* [r4] Regex.pm:
	  Minor fixes.

2001-09-02  dave

	* [r3] Regex.pm:
	  Added ref to Tie::RegexpHash.

2001-06-03  dave

	* [r2] Regex.pm:
	  Put into RCS.


	* [r1] .:
	  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.