Revision history for Perl extension Tie::TextDir.


 - Improved speed considerably by using Perl's open() instead of the
   FileHandle module, and sysread() instead of <FH>. [patch by Perrin

 - Data is now written to a temporary file using File::Temp, and then
   we rename() to the destination file, making the actual write an
   atomic operation.  [patch by Perrin Harkins]

 - When creating filehandles, we now use if perl's version
   is less than 5.6, and just auto-vivify them otherwise.

0.05  Wed Jul  9 16:35:11 CDT 2003

 - Added a Build.PL script for installing via Module::Build if the
   user wishes to.

0.04  Wed Oct 17 12:49:21 CDT 2001
   - Now accepts the opening-mode as 'rw', 'ro', or a bitmask like
     O_CREAT|O_RDWR.  This improves compatibility with things like MLDBM
     and MLDBM::Sync. (Thanks to Joshua Chamas)
   - Uses File::Spec to construct file paths, so it should now work on
     other OSs like Windows, Mac
   - delete($hash{key}) will now return the deleted value, like it should.
   - General code cleanup - the old code style was rather embarassing

   - Lots of documentation updates

0.03  21-Oct-1998 08:44
   - No changes - just added a copyright notice, which should have been
     present before, but I overlooked it.

0.02  Tue Aug 11 16:10:32 EDT 1998
   - fixed bug in EXISTS method that reported that the keys
     '', '.', and '..' existed in a hash when that was not
     the case.

0.01  Sun Jun 28 18:34:36 1998
   - original version; created by h2xs 1.18