Revision history for Time-Duration-Concise-Localize

0.01    18/06/2014
        First version, released on cpan.

0.02    19/06/2014
        Fix cpan failed test reports

0.03    26/06/2014
        Fix makefile, we need Time::Second 1.27 version

0.04    28/06/2014
        Various improvements, now if time concise format is just number, we assume it is seconds
        as_concise_string method will rebuild time concise format
        normalized_code code is part of consie module, instead of Localize. That's the better place.

0.05    05/07/2014
        More test cases, bug fixes

0.06    06/07/2014
        Makefile improvement, add repo info, module info

0.07    11/07/2014
        Bug fix "Use of uninitialized value $1"

0.08    16/07/2014
        Precision made more percise and more test case to test as_string

0.09    16/07/2014
        when printing duration as string minues should be symbol not text

1.0     17/07/2014
        More test cases and improvements

1.1     24/07/2014
        Remove Moo uses and go with traditional OO approach along with Tie::Hash::LRU for cache

1.3     26/07/2014
        Strange bug in object caching

1.5     20/08/2014
        Make file and CPAN failed test fixes

1.6     09/09/2014
        Ignore test if required Time::Seconds is not available

1.9     09/10/2014
        Use inbuild translation files to localize concise string.

2.0     10/10/2014
        bug fixes

2.2	    04/11/2014
	    Fixed test failures

2.4     06/11/2014
        utf8 encoding issues fixes