Revision history for Perl extension Time::Duration::Parse

0.13 2015-10-25 NEILB
    - Added additional abbrevations for 'months': 'mo', 'mon', 'mons'.
      Thanks to PERLANCAR.
    - Rewrote the main testsuite to be data driven, to make it easy to
      add test cases, as for the above change.
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username

0.12 2015-07-02 NEILB
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini, so the dist will get a META.json file.
      RT#105627 from ETHER.

0.11 2014-03-26
    - Min perl version now set to 5.6.0
    - Added description of DateTime::Format::Duration to SEE ALSO

0.10 2014-03-24
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla. The Module::Install Makefile.PL was resulting
      in dependency problems and CPAN Testers fails, and I'm not familiar with
      it. Easier to switch. Thanks to ZEFRAM for pointing out the problem.

0.09 2014-03-23
    - Test::More and Time::Duration were listed as build_requires;
      changed them to test_requires, with versions. Wonder if this was
      the cause of the small number of CPAN Testers fails?
    - Added more more modules to the SEE ALSO section in the pod.

0.08 2014-03-23
    - Can now have a leading '+', as in '+2h'.
      Suggested by MSCHWERN in RT#66572
    - Added github repo to metadata (thanks dsteinbrunner)
    - Added github repo to pod
    - Added Time::Duration::Parse::More to SEE ALSO

0.07 2014-03-21
    - Added 'use warnings'
    - Specified min perl version as 5.6.0 in Makefile.PL
    - Fixed pod error reported in RT#86904
    - Added license type 'perl' to metadata via Makefile.PL
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.06  2008-05-30
    - Accept 1.5h (Thanks to Thomas Sibley)

0.05  2008-01-10
    - Accept hh:mm(:ss) as a format.
    - Relaxed to handle trailing spaces.
      (Thanks to Thomas Sibley)

0.04 2008-01-04
    - Compatible to Time::Duration's concise. RT:32078
      (Thanks to Thomas Sibley)

0.03  2007-11-05
    - Accept 'hr' for hours (Ricardo SIGNES)
    - Do not require space between digits and units (1hr) (Ricaldo SIGNES)
    - Accept a simple integer as a number of seconds (Jonathan Swartz)
    - Accept negative durations like "-30 minutes" (Jonathan Swartz)

0.02  2006-07-18
    - Accept upper-case timespec like '3 Seconds' as well.
    - Unified exception format

0.01  2006-07-17
    - original version