>Revision history for Perl extension Time::Format.

0.01  2003 June 8
	- First version

0.02  2003 June 10
        - Change the %time formatting codes.
        - Speed up the code somewhat.
        - Add many tests

0.03  2003 June 11
        - Fix the tests to work in other time zones than my own!

0.04  2003 June 13
        - Add internationalization support (Month/weekday names).
        - Expose underlying function interface to all hashes.
        - Export %time and time_format by default.

0.05  2003 June 17
        - Add "tz" timezone format code to %time.
        - Change unambiguous month/minute format codes.
        - Some minor speed improvements.

0.06  2003 June 20
        - Fix handling of "yyyy/mon".
        - Minor documentation fixes (Thanks to Will Coleda!).
        - Add th/TH formatting codes.
        - Allow backslash escaping in format strings.

0.07  2003 June 21
        - Fix some bugs in the test suite -- NO changes to Format.pm
          (Thanks to CPAN tester Jeroen Latour!)

0.08  2003 June 22
        - Distribute correct SIGNATURE file; a bad one was distributed
          with v0.07.  (Thanks to Jeroen Latour again).

0.09  2003 June 23
        - Add more checking on the Date::Manip module, which dies messily
          if it gets upset about not finding things like Time Zone.  This
          affects the test suite only -- No changes to Time::Format.

0.10  2003 July 5
        - Some speed improvements.  Removed need for Exporter, Carp.
        - Add support for optional Time::Format_XS module.
        - More test suite changes, due to strftime not being nearly as
          standard as you'd think it would be.
        - Removed support for deprecated month/minute codes.

0.11  2003 July 7
        - Some changes for ActiveState Perl.  Thanks again to Will Coleda.

0.12  2003 July 20
        - Add \Q, \U, \L, \u, \l, \E handling in format strings.
        - Change "Month" (etc) to be defined as "locale-preferred
          capitalization" rather than "always ucfirst".  Thanks to
          Mark Jason Dominus for his thoughts on this topic.
        - Don't bother compiling the Perl routines until we know that
          the XS routines (in Time::Format_XS) are not available.

0.13  2003 August 1
        - Check that the version of Time::Format_XS matches our version.
        - Test suite now tests perl-only routines separately from
          XS-enabled routines.
        - Further delay compilation of time_format until needed.

1.00  2004 September 24
	- Increase version to 1.00.
	- More flexible version-compatibility checking with
        - Fix some warning messages (and some typos) in tests.

1.01  2005 December 1
        - Support for DateTime, Date::Manip, and ISO 8601 strings.

1.02  2005 December 1
        - No changes. Had to increment the number because of a PAUSE
          upload problem.

1.03  2008 March 24
        - Fixed a broken test case.
        - Added Module::Build support.

1.04  2008 March 26
        - Worked around a POSIX bug which would cause hangs under
        - Fixed a couple test cases.

1.05  2008 March 27
        - Fix a typo bug in Makefile.PL

1.06  2008 March 28
        - Fix a broken test case in time.t; failed for non-English

1.07  2008 March 31
        - More test-case changes, to work with older perls.  Many
          thanks to Slaven Rezic and the rest of the tireless CPAN

1.08  2008 May 27
        - Reset $@ at certain places, so as to work with older
          (broken) perls.  Again, thanks to Slaven Rezic.

1.09  2008 May 27
        - Bug fix: generated error if second argument to time_format
          was a string and was in December.  Thanks to Bokor Béla for
          spotting this one.

1.10  2009 June 17
        - Bug fix: Did not trim leading zero off the am/pm hour (H
          code) if the argument was a DateTime.  Thanks to Coke Coleda
          for spotting this.

1.11  2009 June 18
        - Fix error in the new test (past.t) for v1.10!
        - Rearrange eval's throughout test code to rely on $@ less.

1.12  2012 September 27
        - Fix CPAN RT bug 44167/54990: Negative milliseconds/microseconds.
          This was a boneheaded mistake I should have fixed years ago.
          Many thanks to Karl Moens for reporting the error, and for a patch.

        - Fix CPAN RT bug 47229: Build.PL dependencies.
          Unfortunately, I cannot fix Makefile.PL, since ExtUtils::MakeMaker
          has no concept of "recommended" or "optional" modules.
          Thanks to Jens Rehsack for the suggestion.

        - Fix CPAN RT bug 55630: ISO-8601 Z (Zulu, UTC) marker not supported.
          Thanks to Will Coleda for pointing this out.

        - Fix CPAN RT bug 76705/76707 (maybe): month out of range.
          I can't reproduce this bug, but I made a change to the time parsing
          that might fix it.  Thanks to Todd Bezenek for reporting the problem.