Revision history for Perl extension Time::Interval.

1.234	Sat Aug 12 12:37:49 CDT 2017
		fixed typo in coalesce()
		Thanks for the fix, Leos <> !

1.233	Fri Nov 22 15:49:20 CST 2013
		fixed a long standing issue with parseInterval and fractional seconds.
		NOTE: Date::Parse, does NOT handle resolutions < 1 second. For that,
		you really should have a look at Time::HiRes. This fix quantizes fractional
		second values to whole numbers.
		Thanks for the patch, Bob <> !

1.232	Thu Jan 31 21:41:40 CST 2013
		those damn ._* files os x kindly inserted into the distribution
		I have removed them. sorry everyone.

1.231   Wed Jan 30 07:58:21 CST 2013
		forgot to add LICENSE to manifest.
		incremented version for CPAN upload

1.23	Tue Jan 29 10:13:54 CST 2013
		updated LICENSE.
		this perl module is released under the same license
		as perl itself

1.22	Wed May 30 22:57:32 EDT 2007
		applied patch to fix another warning when using -w flag.
		thanks, Sean <>

1.21	Mon Jan 15 16:01:00 EST 2007
		applied patch to fix warnings when using perl -w flag.
		thanks, Ton <>

1.2		Tue Dec 12 08:46:00 EST 2006
		added 'short' option to getInterval, and applied
		patch from Alberto Simones adding 'Short' option to parseInterval
		which generates a string with abbreviated output in dhms format
		(see pod)
		Thanks, Alberto!

1.1		Thu Nov  2 18:08:48 GMT 2006
		don't convert input strings to epoch if already converted

1.0.5	Mon May 17 18:18:26 EDT 2004
		strange array problems fixed.

1.0.4	Mon May 17 17:42:24 EDT 2004
		fixed bug in coalesce causing undef array values.

1.0.3	Thu May 13 17:24:58 EDT 2004
		added coalesce method, takes a series of time intervals and returns
		the minimum number of intervals based on overlapping timespans.

1.0.2	Tue Oct 14 11:00:05 EDT 2003
		submitted by: Doug Ferguson <>.
		Removed usage of 'our' to declare class global variables,
		instead, using the 'use vars ()' method. In addition to being
		'more correct', this also allows older versions of perl to
		use Time::Interval. Thanx, Doug!

1.0.1	Mon Apr 28 14:25:58 2003
		fixed dependEncy list in Makefile.PL, added Date::Parse

1.0		Fri Apr 25 10:58:30 2003
		initial revision for release to CPAN