Revision history for Time-Piece

1.29      2014-09-01
        - when pretty printing negative Time::Seconds, do not lose the "minus"

1.27      2014-01-03
        - portability fixes for XS changes in 1.25_01

1.26      2013-12-29
        - no changes since previous (trial) release

1.25_01   2013-12-16
        - fix compiling for WinCE, execution is untested
        - add a .gitignore (from Win32::API)
        - fix a compiler warning about unused var, and add inlining
        - add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to XS to bring the binary into 21st century
        - refactor XS code to remove large sections of duplicate machine code
        - fix _crt_localtime to return year only once, previously
          _crt_localtime returned year (item #6) twice in the list

1.24      2013-12-03
        - add repository metadata (thanks, David Steinbrunner)

1.23      2013-09-06
        - add a LICENSE file (thanks, John Peacock!)
        - make sure Time::Seconds loads Exporter, which it relies on (thanks,
          GFUJI and TOKUHIROM!)
        - fix day of year parsing (like "%y%j") (thanks, Doug Wilson)

1.22      2013-08-12
        - add explicit copyright and license statements
        - fix encoding of .pm files and add =encoding directive

1.21      2013-07-06
        - fix installation target; now installs to site in v5.12 and later
        - make Time::Seconds match its VERSION to Time::Piece
        - numerous portability fixes imported from perl core distribution

        - Fix for alloca broke Solaris
        - Fixed documentation buggette about strptime
        - Added ->pretty() method for Time::Seconds objects
        - Add %s support to strptime

        - Fix for alloca broke FreeBSD

        - Fix for alloca on IRIX

        - Force all to use internal strptime then everyone gets %z even OSX
        - Finally figured out the timezone test failures on Win32 and fixed

        - Implement %z for the internal implementation of strptime().
          Unfortunately this doesn't get picked up everywhere, so there are
          no tests for it (yet - patches welcome).
        - Fix for major bug in add_months() using negative months which were
          multiples of 12. Also affected add_years() with negative years.
        - Fix for object creation bug in get_epochs which called new from
          object but that wasn't supported in the new() code.
        - Added docs about the weakness of using epoch seconds internally
          and suggested alternatives.
        - Removed useless "use UNIVERSAL qw(isa)" line.
        - Fix for installing over core perl version.

        - Skip a test on Win32 that there's just no way of passing
        - Document the above failure

        - rework add_months() to not rely on strptime being able to parse
          illegal dates (Gisle Aas).
        - Various win32 TZ fixes from p5p core perl version

        - More QNX fixes (
        - Restore freebsd copyright on strptime.
        - Added add_months and add_years methods.

        - QNX fixes
        - Merge with perl core version

        - Skip %V test on Win32

        - Number of bug fixes from RT
        - (maintenance by Ricardo SIGNES)
        - avoid warning in _mktime (bug #19677)

        - (patches from Ricardo SIGNES)
        - Tests largely moved to Test::More (from
        - Time::Piece should now be safely subclassable

        - A number of fixes for strptime
        - Fixed docs wrt Time::Object references
        - Fixed docs wrt ->month returning short month name
        - Added ->fullmonth and ->fullday to get full day names

        - Fix for ->week method

        - Fix for Solaris pre-2.8
        - Compilation checked on:
          sparc solaris 2.7
          sparc solaris 2.8
          i686 linux
          ia64 linux
          pa-risc1.1 hpux 10.20
          pa-risc2.0 hpux 11.00
          alpha dec_osf 4.0
        - Fixes for Win32 (Randy Kobes)

        - Fix for Solaris (again)

        - Slight fixes to strptime for Solaris and MacOSX
        - Bug in strptime with daylight savings fixed.

        - Updated MJD stuff (Tim Jeness)
        - Added compare tests
        - Ported test suite to finally

        - Added cs_sec and cs_mon to Time::Seconds so that
          old Time::Object installs still work (except for add())