20100403  Sat Apr  3 20:25:49 PDT 2010
  * Add a timeout to the system time.h limit check for systems that
    hang when you try times too large. [rt.cpan.org 40764]

  * strict compilers, like Sun's cc, would error because we passed
    too many elements to the tm struct.  [rt.cpan.org #55225]
  * Ensure localtime() honors the TZ environment variable.

20100225  Thu Feb 25 23:09:15 PST 2010
  * Accidentally left a debugging print in mktime()

  * Test against 2006, before the American DST rules changed, so
    as not to break on old machines.

20100223  Tue Feb 23 11:57:23 PST 2010
  * Fix for JSON.pm not being available for Build.PL

20100218  Thu Feb 18 12:29:49 PST 2010
  * No changes since the last alpha

  Summary of Changes Since The Last Stable

  * System mktime() is now probed giving more accurate
    mktime() on 64 bit systems.

  * Test fixes for 64 bit machines, OS X, BSD, people in the UK

  * Build fixes Versions of Visual C++ lacking long long
  * Build fixes for Strawberry and any system with a time.h
    limit of 0.
  * Build fixes for slightly out of date Module::Build

20100216.1421_04  Tue Feb 16 14:22:08 PST 2010
  * Switch dependency on JSON::XS to just JSON to eliminate
    Lehmann-ware dependency.
  * The test for the limits of the time.h did not work for
    finding functions.
  * Work around bug in OS X 10.6 where gmtime() would be wrong
    before -70546986201600.

  * Add some more fuzz around the future localtime() tests.

20100214.1823_03  Sun Feb 14 18:23:22 PST 2010
  * Bump up the minimum Module::Build release to fix a bug where
    Build would not see inc/ and thus couldn't find

20100213.0504_02  Sat Feb 13 05:04:39 PST 2010
  * The check for the minimum time and date was broken and would only
    do a single check.

20100213.0000_01  Sat Feb 13 04:32:59 PST 2010
  * mktime() and timelocal() will now make better use of the system
    functions giving better accuracy.

  * Had too old a version of Module::Build listed as the requirement.
  * The limit check program was ignoring a limit of 0.  Duh.
  * Fix so the check_max program is not always re-run on Cygwin.

  * More localtime() tests to track down the 64 bit issues
  * Failures on 64 bit systems, especially in the UK, should
    be fixed
  * More sanity tests for distant dates

20081111  Tue Nov 11 15:36:27 PST 2008
  Build Improvements
  * Moved building the program to check the limits of time.h to the code
    step to avoid having a configure_requires on ExtUtils::CBuilder.
  * Also made it quiessent and not rebuild itself unless necessary.
  * Added some sane min/max limits to the time.h limit check to avoid
    going wildly out of range and tickling system bugs that cause the
    whole thing to hang.
  * Improved the limit check so now it's a real binary search.
  * Fixed a number of off-by-one and overflow errors in the limit check.
  * Added debugging information to the limit check program.

  Doc Improvements
  * Added the location of the repository.
  * Gave a more specific location to submit bugs to.
  * Added an INSTALL file.

20081106  Thu Nov  6 19:01:22 PST 2008
  Portability Improvements
  * Test the system time.h's limits and use them rather than the safe
    1970-2038 range.

  Test Fixes
  * Compare times using numeric equality instead of string equality to avoid
    Perl messing up on big numbers.
  * timelocal() can now take an $isdst argument to disambiguate certain
    dates which can occur twice (like daylight savings time fall back)

20081020  Mon Oct 20 00:10:51 PDT 2008
  First release