Revision history for Perl extension Tk::EntrySet.

0.01  Fri Jul 25 00:25:00 2008
	first version

0.04  Fri Sep 12 09:09:00 2008

        added -changed_command option
        fixed issue with -valuelist option set at creation time
        added untie for -valuelist_variable OnDestroy
        more tests

0.05  added various methods to MatchingBE to make it suitable
      for stand alone usage.
      more tests

0.06  Sep 16 2008
      added test and fixed set_selected_value(undef) in MatchingBE
      undef is a valid state
      <Return> pops down the list and does a Tk::break afterwards now

0.07  Sep 18 2008
      examples/*.pl added
      fixed issue with ChoicesSet -labels_and_values triggering Frames
      -label.*  option handling
0.08  Feb 17 2009
      fixed example in

0.09  Feb 18 2009 
      fixed issue with creation when -valuelist option has not been set
      forcing -valuelist => [] in an afterIdle call

0.10  Jun 26 2010
      setting -choices or -labels_and_values clears selected value
      configuring -value_variable with an undefined variable clears entry

0.11  May 27 2011
      pack entry widgets using (-fill x -expand 1)