Revision history for Perl extension Tk-MK.

0.01  Wed Oct  9 01:05:05 2002
            - original version; created by h2xs 1.21
			  with options -Afn Tk-MK

      Initial release (local use only)

      o modules are running, initial pod is done
0.02  Tue Dec 10 15:41:33 MET 2002

      new release (local use only)

      o some bugfixes, added a new class 'ExtHList'
	    as a more powerful listbox than even 'ExtListbox',
		featuring a item/data list with images, etc. , ...

0.03  Fri Jan 16 11:35:13 MET 2004

      new release
	  o added the HListplus class (HList with column resizing)

	  o renamed ExtHList -> DHList, ExtTree DTree for
	    making the names more self-explanatory

0.04 Mon Jan 17 21:34:53 MET 2005

      new release (local use only)

	  o 1 new module added Tk::Buttonplus - Button with Text AND Image

0.05 Mon May 02 22:01:28 MET 2005

      new release (local use only)

	  o enhanced Tk::Checkbox to support user-customizable size

0.06 Mon Jun 13 23:52:14 MET 2005

      new release (local use only)

	  o enhanced Tk::Optionbox - added second hierarchy for the options

0.07 Thu Jul 14 10:15:35 MEST 2005

     bug fix release

	 o enhanced Hlistplus for

	 o cleaned install-kit, demo programs

0.08 Thu Jul 14 18:53:58 MEST 2005

	 update release

	 o updated the pod docs

0.09 Fri Oct  7 21:36:06 MEST 2005

	 update release

	 o enhanced Tk::Optionbox - added TRUE multilevel hierarchies for the options and validating of selection

0.10 Fri Oct 13 19:55:25 CEST 2006

	 update release

	o enhanced Tk::Optionbox - added loop invocation detection to avoid segviolations	
	o enhanced Tk::HListplus - based on feedback from Rob Seegel (Thx a lot!) added 'auto-blank last column'
	o changed  Tk::BootSplash - Added the ProgressBarPlus Widget to make 'BootSplash' work for users not using a patched Tk 804 ProgressBar

0.11 Thu Mar  8 18:56:54 CET 2007

	 update release
	o resolved some CPAN issues

	o enhanced Tk::Buttonplus - added side default based on option-database	

0.12 Tue Oct 14 13:29:07 CEST 2008

	 update release

	o enhanced Tk::Optionbox - added quick-popup for non-changed options

	o 1 new module added Tk::PopUpSelectBox - A scrolled pop-up selection-widget (with MULTI-level selections)
		useful where a Tk::Optionbox would have too many entries

0.13 Thu Oct 23 17:48:07 CEST 2008

	 update release

	o Renamed DataHList and DataTree to DHList and DHTree to avoid name-space conflicts in CPAN

	o Bugfix for Tk::DHList - Deleting the FIRST entry in a DHList messed up the reverse function.

0.14 Fri Oct 24 13:50:23 CEST 2008
	o resolved some CPAN checker issues

0.15 Mon Apr  6 20:19:01 CEST 2009
	o resolved issue on ListHeader-Bttn: Double-Click for column resizing should NOT invoke Single-Click-CB

0.16 Mon Apr  6 20:53:44 CEST 2009

	o replacement release for 0.15 (which was incomplete)

0.17 Tue Apr  7 12:26:14 CEST 2009

	o update release - added configuration option for ClosedColumnWidth and ResizerAreaWidth

0.18 Fri Sep 11 21:58:55 CEST 2009

	o Rewritten DHList megawidget to support mutiple columns and auto-generated headers

0.20 Sun Nov  8 16:15:12 CET 2009

	o Completely rewritten Tk::Buttonplus Widget and renamed it to Tk::CompoundButton to honor the fact that it
	  is based on the Tk::Compound methods
	  This rewrite resolves some minor graphical flaws happening at Buttonplus under certain circumstances
	o Fixed a problem in DHList: '-bg'/'-background' did not automatically influence the "data-field-area background"
	  ( A problem for list that change their background dynamically during operation )
	  As a work-around solution '-bg' now will set the main background AND the data-field background, while
	  '-background' changes only the main area BG.
0.21 Thu Nov 12 19:17:42 CET 2009

	o Modified t/* tests to comply with new Tk w/o X11 env behavior (see

0.22 Thu Apr 02 18:09:37 CET 2013

	o New created widget Tk::Treeplus Widget
		Treeplus is a Tree (and/or HList) replacement that supports Sorting,
        Filtering and Resizing of columns and other gimmicks (e.g. selection history, ...)

0.23 Thu Feb 06 19:09:21 CET 2014

	o Improved widget Tk::Optionbox - Widget now supports a automatically created 'dummy' entry at the top
		of the selection list, that will 'clear the value of the attached variable.
		(Usable to clear also an attached label in case of emulating a combobox...


TODO: Still some more work needed on the tests ...