Revision history for Perl extension Tk::Month

1.8 Jan 2014
        - switched from %e to %d as default because %e is not
          portable. Thanks to Alex Becker
	- Extended POD and Makefile.  Thanks to Alex Becker
	- Fixed a bug in

1.7 May 2012
	- added a format specification for each individual day in
	  Tk::Month widget. The default is still %e.

1.6 Jan 2009
	- modified tests to skip parts if there is no X11 display

1.5 Jan 2003
	- added Tk::Year widget.

	- modified Tk::Month to work support Tk::Year.

1.4  15 Nov 2002
	- rewrote StrfClock completely to allow for different base
	  widgets. Added -ontick and -action flags.

	- corrected to bugs (code and documentation) in
	  Thanks to Guido Van Hoecke

	- added simple tests for the whole package.

	- changed the Panel widget name to Tk::Panel.

1.2  24 May 2000
        - modified the code to correctly declare the version numbers to

	- brought all the versions into line with Tk::Month package.

1.1  24 April 2000
	- Added a slightly different DoAfterIdle function to work with
	  the newer Tk distributions.

	- Allowed the user to add menu options to the title menu.

        - Removed the 'close' and 'print month' menu options, and config
        options '-close' and '-printcomand'. Not needed because the user
        can added memu items.

	- updated the pod documentation.

	- Added 2 other widgets - StrfClock and Panel.

1.0  13 Sept 1999
	- started packaging it as a CPAN module.

	- original version