2010-12-03  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	Version 0.16

	* t/: Skip tests if we can not create a Tk window. Use Test::More.

	* Build.PL: Switch to Module::Build

2003-08-18  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Makefile.PL: Version number to 0.15 and release.

2003-05-15  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* TextANSIColor.pm (InitObject): The ANSIbd tag was not specifying
	the bold weight correctly. It seemed to work but randomly. Now use
	the Font method.

2001-10-20  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* Makefile.PL: Up version number to 0.14

	* TextANSIColor.pm (getansi): Add getansi() method from Jim Turner
	<turnerjw2@netscape.net> (plus some tweaks to the submitted code)
	* t/get.t: Add test for getansi()

2000-11-24  Timothy Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* README: Update to include information on read-only widget

	* Makefile.PL: Version now written into file since there are now 2 .pm

	* t/require.t: Use Test module and add ROTextANSIColor

	* t/rotext.t: Add

	* ROTextANSIColor.pm: Add

2000-05-02  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* TextANSIColor.pm: Update version number to 0.11 

	* README: Update for V0.11
2000-05-01  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>

	* t/text.t: Add proper test

1999-05-18  Tim Jenness  <tjenness@cpan.org>
	* Release V0.10