Revision history for Tk-TextVi

0.015   10 May 2009
        Added normal-mode A, B, I

        Added visual-mode y

        Added insert-mode ^O

        A subroutine can be tied to any :command.  This replaces the
        -systemcommand callback.

        Use ^X notation for control characters in ga

        Bug fixed where keypresses from mappings weren't cleared.

0.014   28 Sep 2008
        Added normal-mode R and ~ commands

        r command now works in visual mode

        Added Replace mode

        Example of a composite widget provided in

        softtabstop settings had numerous bugs, was missing some behavior
        and was not documented.

        Some other documentation updates.

        Tests no longer blow up when Tk can't function at all and the
        script blames the tester who lied about their Tk ability.

        (0.0141 - built the tar with the wrong version of the demo file)
        (0.0142 - tar wasn't setting the permission bits right)
        (0.0143 - this time for sure:
                - fixed error in makefile.PL that installed
                - fixed error in test that still failed on NIX
                - fixed typo in documentation)

0.013   30 Jun 2008
        Added normal-mode W and E commands

        Added command-mode ! and set commands

        Added the < and > marks

        command-mode commands may take a range

        Capital letter registers now append when written to

        Added setting shiftwidth

        Bug fix with normal-mode / where the status line was
        not redisplayed.

0.012   18 May 2008
        Several errors in the POD are fixed (Gratia, Michal Spacek).

        Undo now works with insert mode and works a bit better with
        normal commands.

        Tested under Tk version 804.027 with no problems.  The required
        version has been reduced.

        The demo script is now correctly listed in Makefile.PL.

0.01    3 May 2008
        First upload.

        (0.011) Tk missing from PREREQ_PM