Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.16 - Sat Jul 08 2017

    * Fix miscalculated delays of prematurely terminating trains
    * Lookahead and lookbehind are now interpreted with 1-minute granularity.
      Note that this also affects the default lookahead.
    * Fix floating point-related test failures on some architectures
    * New "./Build test" dependency: Test::Number::Delta

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.15 - Tue Jun 06 2017

    * Performance improvements
    * Distinguish between cancelled/additional arrivals and departures
    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Result: New accessors arrival_is_additional,
      arrival_is_cancelled, departure_is_additional, departure_is_cancelled
      and is_additional.
    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Result: is_cancelled now only returns true
      if both arrival and departure have been cancelled.

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.14 - Mon Feb 06 2017

    * IRIS->new: Add optional argument lookbehind
    * db-iris: Remove a useless HTTP request, resulting in slightly faster
    * db-iris -V / --track-via: Improve support for faraway stations

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.13 - Thu Jan 26 2017

    * Fix support for line numbers, remove manual line map workaround

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.12 - Fri Dec 30 2016

    * Unfortunately, line numbers are not available at the moment due to IRIS
      backend changes. Some lines in NRW have been provided with a manual line
      number mapping to remedy this.
    * Fix DS100 code for "Bielefeld Hbf"
    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations::get_station_by_location: Fix bug in
      num_matches (parameter was silently ignored)

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.11 - Tue Oct 11 2016

    * IRIS->new: Fix partially broken cache handling when using
      "with_related => 1"
    * Improve parser performance

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.10 - Sat Oct 01 2016

    * Add qos code 71 ("WLAN in einzelnen Wagen nicht verfügbar")
    * Fix DS100 codes for "Geilenkirchen" and "Montabaur"
    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations::get_station: Add support for
      UIC / EVA numbers

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.09 - Mon Jun 27 2016

    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Result: Fix ->classes accessor
      (returned a string instead of a list)
    * Fix DS100 codes for "Stuttgart Hbf (tief)" and "Stuttgart-Feuerbach"

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.08 - Thu Jun 09 2016

    * New dependency: Geo::Distance
    * Update DS100 code list. Station names are now unabbreviated, e.g.
      "Dortmund Univeristät" instead of "Do Universität". Also, stations
      without train service are no longer included. Note that this list might
      contain errors. If you get "Request error: Station ... has no associated
      timetable" for a station which worked with previous versions, please
      submit a bug report.
    * Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations now also returns international
      station number, longitude and latitutde for most stations
    * New method Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations::get_station_by_location
      allows station lookup by geolocation

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.07 - Sun May 01 2016

    * Fix inefficient requests for stations with with heavily cross-referenced
      related-station tags (most notable example: München Hbf)

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.06 - Mon Feb 29 2016

    * Partially fix slow response time and excessive network requests for
      stations with heavily cross-referenced related-station tags (most notable
      example: München Hbf). The implementation is still slightly inefficient
      in these cases, but far better than before -- A complete fix will follow
      in the next release. Note that db-iris calls using
      -x/--exact/--no-related are not affected by this issue.

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.05 - Sun Dec 20 2015

    * Update station list. It now uses data supplied by the Deutsche Bahn
      Open Data portal.
    * db-iris: New option -x / --exact / --no-related
    * IRIS->new: New options main_cache, realtime_cache and with_related
    * IRIS: Add ->station and ->related_stations accessors
    * db-iris: Include related stations in query output (for instance,
      "Köln Messe Deutz" will include "Köln Messe Deutz (tief)" and
      "Köln Messe Deutz Gl. 9-10"). Use --exact / --no-related to disable this.
    * IRIS: Same. Also, IRIS->new can now be passed Cache objects to cache
      HTTP requests for a user-defined time. This is most useful when
      building infoscreens and similar, since the scheduled and station data
      never changes and can therefore be cached to decrease network load and
      increase response time.

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.04 - Thu Nov 12 2015

    * Result: Add qos code 79 ("Ohne Mehrzweckabteil")
    * db-iris: Accept UIC station codes
    * Fix warnings with recent DateTime::Format::Strptime releases
    * Improve parser speed

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.03 - Tue Sep 15 2015

    * Result: Add info key 900
    * Station: Improve get_station matching quality by using the Levenshtein
      edit distance in addition to simple substring matching
    * new dependency: Text::LevenshteinXS (see README for notes about
      drop-in replacements)
    * new dependency: List::UtilsBy

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.02 - Tue May 26 2015

    * Added github repo to dist metadata and the doc
    * Result: distinguish between overcrowded trains (q97) and very overcrowded
      trains (q96)
    * Result: Verify delay key 60 ("delays because of storm")
    * Result: Add qos key 70 ("no wifi" -- not entirely sure yet)

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.01 - Fri May 15 2015

    * IRIS->new: Fix default lwp_options value (was documented, but not used)
    * Result->route_interesting: Also consider airports
    * Stations: Update DS100 code list. Fixes 9 stations in Köln, Düsseldorf
      and Wuppertal which had a wrong code/name combination assigned due to
      a parser error

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 1.00 - Fri May 01 2015

    * IRIS->new: Use lwp_options to explicitly pass arguments to the
      LWP::UserAgent constructor. Unknown arguments are now longer
      implicitly passed on
    * db-iris: Improve output format for wing trains

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.10 - Tue Apr 30 2015

    * Result: Fix deep recursion error in TO_JSON

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.09 - Tue Apr 28 2015

    * Result: Add arrival_wings, departure_wings and is_wing accessors
      (a wing train is coupled to the respective departure, but has its own ID)
    * db-iris: Indicate wings in output
    * Result: Remove train_no_transfer accessor (was based on erroneous
    * Result: Add is_unscheduled, replaced_by and replacement_for accessors
    * db-iris: Add -oR to show replacement information

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.08 - Thu Mar 12 2015

    * Clarify Result->train_id documentation
    * Add IRIS delay/qos keys 13, 60, 75, 76

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.07 - Fri Jan 09 2015

    * Fix a crash related to unscheduled additional stops in a train's route
    * Improve Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations matching
    * Add IRIS delay/qos keys 56, 59, 61, 65, 73, 74, 77

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.06 - Mon Nov 03 2014

    * New non-core module dependency: List::Compare
    * Add support for canceled and additional stops
    * db-iris: Add options -oa and -oc
    * Result: Add accessors additional_stops and canceled_stops
    * Improve support for delayed trains
    * Support additional IRIS delay messages

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.05 - Thu Oct 16 2014

    * Support additional IRIS delay messages

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.04 - Sat Jun 28 2014

    * Fix --track-via <stop> not matching trains changing their ID at <stop>
    * Add new (not entirely verified) IRIS delay and qos messages
    * IRIS: add serializable option. Use this if you intend to serialize
      the list returned by ->results
    * Do not errour out if only partial data is available, show partial data
      and a warning instead (closes #4)
    * Add several qos and delay messages

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.03 - Fri Feb 14 2014

    * IRIS / db-iris: Add lookahead option
    * db-iris: Fix --via not matching destination of trains with incomplete
      route data
    * Detect and merge duplicate results caused by train ID changes
    * Result: Provide realtime data in ->platform, add ->sched_platform
    * db-iris: indicate platform changes with an exclamation mark

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.02 - Mon Feb 03 2014

    * Fix warnings when encountering unplanned (fchg-only) trains without
      arrival or departure platform
    * db-iris: add -V / --track-via option to display departure at start
      and expected arrival at a destination station
    * db-iris: Add -r / --realtime option to compute times using delay
    * Result: Remove duplicates in qos_messages and delay_messages,
      return all messages in reverse order (newest first)

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS 0.01 - Fri Jan 24 2014

    * Initial release. Experimental, API may change without notice