Revision history for Perl extension Tree::Simple.

1.25  Tue Jan 13 08:51:00 2014
	- Fix logic in sub DESTROY for when children are/are not present. Reported by astortz.

1.24  Sat Sep  6 09:27:00 2014
	- Abandon Test::Version and hence delete t/version.t. Putting version.t in xt/author/ is not a solution,
		because Test::Version has problems with Test::EOL and Test::Builder.
		Thanx to Kent Fredric for the github issue which started me investigating this issue.

1.23  Sat Nov  9 10:43:00 2013
	- No code changes.
	- Accept spelling corrections from the Debian Perl Group, with thanx. See RT#90171.
		Note: The change to lib/Tree/Simple/ had already been made.
	- Add t/version.t, which uses Test::Version, to cross-check version #s.

1.22  Mon Sep 30 08:35:00 2013
	- Metadata fixes in Build.PL and correct bugtracker queue in Makefile.PL. Thanx to dsteinbrunner (via github).

1.21  Thu Sep 26 13:08:00 2013
	- Fix syntax error in Makefile.PL.

1.20  Thu Sep 26 11:16:00 2013
	- Merge source from
	- Close github issues.
	- Add bugtracker and license to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.

1.19  Mon Sep 23 08:26:00 2013
	- Maintenance now by Ron Savage.
	- Rectify datestamp format in this file.
	- Add Changelog.ini.
	- Make and have the same version #.
	- Reformat Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Move t/pod* into xt/author/.
	- Minor doc patches.
	- Add t/17_Tree_Simple_width_test.t. This code was attached to RT#40407, to demonstrate a bug in keeping a
		running total of the width (leaf count) of a tree during node additions to leaves.
		Thanx to David Cryer for the test code and patch.
	- Add t/21_Tree_Simple_Visitor_test.t. This code was attached to RT#30032, to demonstrate a bug in including
		the root in a traversal after calling $visitor -> includeTruck(1).
	- RT#30032: Adopt patch from Moses Amaro. With thanx.
	- RT#38607: Reject. Suppressing deep recursion warnings should not normally be done. Sub-class!
	- RT#40407: Adopt patch from David Cryer. With thanx.
	- RT#84797: Reject. Changing the return value of setUID could break any amount of code.

1.18  Sun Nov 11 12:00:00 2007
    - fixing version string to not choke on 5.10
      (RT #29746)

1.17  Mon Oct 23 12:00:00 2006
    - make loading of Scalar::Util::weaken, completely
    - added a $post_func optional arg to &traverse. Thanks
      to Mark Lawrence for the patch, docs and tests :)

1.16  Mon Feb  6 12:00:00 2006
    - converted to use Module::Build (Rob Kinyon)
    - refactored &addChild and &addChildren to be
      implemented in terms of &insertChild and
      &insertChildren (Rob Kinyon)
    - other misc. refactorings (Rob Kinyon)
    - updated Scalar::Util version dependency (Stevan Little)
    - updated copyrights for the new year (Stevan Little)

1.15  Thu May 26 12:00:00 2005
    - added optional use of weakened parent references
      and improved the old circular reference DESTROY
      model to make more sense. See the documantation
      for more info.
    - fixed bug in the fixDepth() function

1.14  Thu Nov 18 12:00:00 2004
    - now using Scalar::Util::blessed() instead of
      the convoluted UNIVERSAL::isa() stuff.
      - added Scalar::Util as a dependency

1.13  Mon Nov 15 12:00:00 2004
    - added width functionality (with getWidth),
      thanks to Mark Thomas for his insight/suggestions
        - added tests for this
        - added documentation for this
    - improved the height functionality, thanks again
      to Mark Thomas for his insight/suggestions
        - deprecated the 'height' method in favor
          of the more consistent 'getHeight' method
        - added tests for this
        - added documentation for this
    - added some info in the docs to explain the depth
      value for ROOT trees.
    - cleaned up and improved the following test files
      	> 11_Tree_Simple_fixDepth_test.t
        > 13_Tree_Simple_clone_test.t

1.12  Thu Oct  7 12:00:00 2004
    - fixed the clone method, it was not correctly
      cloning parental relationships
        - added tests and docs for this
    - improved clone and cloneShallow with the addition
      of the _cloneNode utility function, we now deep
      clone the nodes
        - added test and docs for this

1.11  Mon Oct  4 12:00:00 2004
    - some documentation changes, no code changes

1.10  Tue Aug 31 12:00:00 2004
    - streamlined the DESTROY method to avoid method
      calls as this can sometimes cause issues during
      global destruction with subclasses.

1.09  Tue Aug 31 12:00:00 2004
    - Fixed DESTROY to avoid memory leaks (RT-BUG: #7512)
        - added documentation to explain when to call
          the DESTROY method to properly clean up any
          circular references
        - added test (14_Tree_Simple_leak_test.t) to
          verify this fix (needs Test::Memory::Cycle to run)

1.08  Wed Aug 25 12:00:00 2004
    - added the 'height' and 'size' methods
        - added tests for these
        - added documentation for these

1.07  Wed Jul 28 12:00:00 2004
    - Added the getUID and setUID methods to Tree::Simple, thanks
      to Brett Nuske for that suggestion.
      - added documentation for these methods
      - added tests for those methods
    - added t/pod.t and t/pod_coverage.t to the test suite

1.06  Mon Jul  6 12:00:00 2004
    - Changed what the Tree::Simple accept method accepts
        - added tests for this
    - Completely Revised the Tree::Simple::Visitor object
      so that it is a better base class. This coincides with
      the release of the Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory collection
      of Visitor objects.
        - added tests for this

1.05  Sun Jun  6 12:00:00 2004
    - Fixed some vagueness in the documentation as well
      as made sure that the ROOT constant could be given
      as a the $parent argument.

1.04  Tue May 18 12:00:00 2004
    - The second argument to the Tree::Simple constructor
      was a parent, and that argument was not getting
      properly type checked before attempting to call
      'addChild' on it. Now it is properly type checked
      and will throw an exception if it is not correct.

1.03  Sun May  9 12:00:00 2004
    - I have added a new method 'getIndex', which will
      fetch the index of the current tree within it's
      parent's child list. I have also added documentation
      and tests for this.

1.02  Sun May  2 12:00:00 2004
    - I thought about the API change, and I decided that
      the new method (removeChildAt($index)) did not make
      sense. It made more sense for removeChild to accept
      both $child and an $index, and do the right thing
      based upon which one was given. This of course
      is how it works anyway since I maintained backwards
      compatibility. But take note, removeChildAt($index)
      will not be supported. The method is still there,
      but it will very soon go away.
      I think this is a cleaner way to do this in the end.

1.01  Wed Apr 28 12:00:00 2004
    - Made API change:
        - removeChild($index) is now removeChildAt($index)
          and removeChild($child) has replaced it. See the
          documentation for more info.
        - backwards compatibility maintained under change.
        - new tests written to test the new code and to
          test the backwards compatibility
    - Test suite is not at 99% coverage (with 415 tests)
    - Moved object initialization code from Tree::Simple::Visitor::new
      to Tree::Simple::Visitor::_init. This keeps in line with the
      Tree::Simple code and the seperation of object creation and

1.00  Mon Apr  5 12:00:00 2004
    - I dont know why, but I was wary of calling this 1.0
	  but that is really what it is. I think too many modules
	  avoid that number, but I am not gonna do that. So here
	  goes, its 1.0 baby!!
	- Note: Being new to this versioning thing, I was actually going
		for a "minor" version thing with the jump from 0.3 to 0.14. I
		realized that was not only dumb, but incorrect. But in realizing
		this, I decided this is really 1.0 code anyway and took the plunge.

0.15  Mon Apr  5 12:00:00 2004
    - Made a few adjustments:
	  - changed to UNIVERSAL::isa($object, "Class") so as to
	    avoid warnings if non-object refs are passed
	- added more tests to the Tree::Simple::Visitor object
	- added more tests to check for non-object-refs passed
	  where they shouldnt be.

0.14  Sun Apr  4 12:00:00 2004
    - I feel this module is ready for serious use. I have been
	  using it in production environments for almost 2 years now,
	  and I have recently beefed up the test suite as well. It now
	  has 371 tests with approx. 95% code coverage. I feel the code
	  is solid as is the API (although some people dont like my
	  Java-esque naming style, but hey whatta ya do). Most of this
	  release is just tweaking and fine tuning of code, and updating
	  of the documentation.

0.03  Thu Apr  1 12:00:00 2004
	- Like an idiot I forgot to change the version number
	  from version 0.01 to 0.02 and because of CPAN's security-type
	  restriction about uploading files with a duplicate name
	  I have to up the version number.

0.02  Thu Apr  1 12:00:00 2004
    - first revision:
	    - fixed a few bugs
		- improved error messages
		- added tests:
			- test for exceptions
			- checked test coverage with Devel::Cover

0.01  Thu Mar 11 10:46:33 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X -n Tree::Simple