Revision history for Perl extension Tree-Simple-View.

0.19  2017-04-14:11:13:21
	- Implement the new Boolean parameter to new, 'html5', to support HTML5 style nested-lists.
			See t/24_Tree_Simple_View_HTML5_test.t for sample code.
	- This version depends on Tree::Simple V 1.31, and in particular the new methods in that
		version: getSiblingCount(), isFirstChild() and isLastChild().
	- Add repository section to the pod of Tree::Simple::View.
	- Move t/manifest.t, t/pod_coverage.t and t/pod.t to xt/author.
	- Add Changelog.ini.
	- Add .gitignore, LICENSE.
	- Modernize MANIFEST.SKIP.
	- Switch from 'use base' to 'use parent'.
	- Add various modules to the pre-reqs in Makefile.PL.
	- Update SEE ALSO in pod.
	- Standardize dates in this file.
	- Add t/24_Tree_Simple_View_HTML5_test.t to test RT#121099.
	- Replace most double-quotes with single-quotes to reduce visual clutter.

0.180001  2017-02-05T12:00:00
  * added github repo to Makefile
  * update Documentations for configurable characters in ASCII view

0.18  2017-02-04T12:00:00
    * added configurable characters for ASCII view

0.17  2017-02-03T12:00:00
    * added node_formatter support for ASCII view

0.16  2007-Jul-09T12:00:00
    * cleaning bad files in the tar.gz
    * converted to Build.PL

0.15  2007-May-21T12:00:00
    * added a simple Tree::Simple::View::ASCII
        - added docs and tests for it

0.14  2004-Nov-28T12:00:00
    - removing the OS X resource fork files
    - applied patch (RT #16064) to support XHTML
      compliant output for Tree::Simple::View::HTML.
        - thanks to Simon Wilcox for this patch and tests

0.13  2005-Nov-07T12:00:00
    - fixing typo on the generated HTML ( Ticket #14963)
    - cleaned up as little as well

0.12  2005-Jan-31T12:00:00
    - converted this to use Class::Throwable for exceptions
       - altered tests for this

    - added the 'radio_button' and 'checkbox' attributes to
      the Tree::Simple::View::DHTML class
        - added tests for this
        - added documentation for this

0.11  2004-Nov-18T12:00:00
    - now using Scalar::Util::blessed() instead of
      the convoluted UNIVERSAL::isa() stuff.
      - added Scalar::Util as a dependency

0.10  2004-Aug-07T12:00:00
    - Added the setPathComparisonFunction method
      so that custom node value's can be compared
      easily. Thanks to Neyuki for this idea.
        - documentented and tested this

0.09  2004-Aug-02T12:00:00
    - I forgot to change the version requirements for
      Tree::Simple to 1.07 which is the first version
      that uses the getUID methods.

0.08  2004-Aug-01T12:00:00
    - Changed the way that the DHTML DIV IDs were being
      created, you can now use your own UID from the
      Tree::Simple object instead, thanks to
      Brett Nuske for that suggestion.
        - documented and tested it

0.07  2004-Jul-15T12:00:00
    - added includeTrunk method, and implemented the
      necessary functionality in ::HTML and ::DHTML.
      - added tests to check this new functionality
        as well
      - added documentation on this new functionality

0.06  2004-Jul-02T12:00:00
    - Added a number of tests to the suite as well as
      improved some existing tests.

0.05  2004-Jun-25T12:00:00
    - changes the HREF part of the DHTML links to be
      javascript:void(0) rather than just #, it stops
      a problem in some browsers where clicking a link
      would scroll you to the top of the page.
      - updated tests to reflect this change
    - removed some code which was not nessecary from the
      Tree::Simple::View::HTML class.

0.04  2004-Jun-25T12:00:00
    !*!*!*! MAJOR UPDATE !*!*!*!
    - My orginal vision for Tree::Simple::View was that of
      a Proxy/Factory/I-Dont-Know-What-I-Was-Thinking class.
      But the idea really wasn't that good, matter of fact
      it was pretty bad. So this version marks a major update
      to the module, the details of which are below.
      - Tree::Simple::View::Base has been removed, its code
        has been moved to Tree::Simple::View.
      - Tree::Simple::View is no longer a "Proxy" class (not
        that it ever really was) for the Tree::Simple::View::*
        classes. It now is the abstract base class, taking on
        the role that Tree::Simple::View::Base once served.
      - Tree::Simple::View::HTML has been updated to reflect
        its new base class. (Tree::Simple::View::DHTML is a
        subclass of Tree::Simple::View::HTML, so it didn't need
        to be changed).
      - All documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.
    - I have added a bunch of tests while I was at it.

0.03  2004-Jun-23T12:00:00
    - fixed a number of little issues with the DHTML class
        - fixed problems with combined CSS configurations
          and the expand-collapse functionality
        - fixed a bug whereby expandPath did not work
    - added an example file of the DHTML output
    - added some documentation here and there

0.02  2004-Jun-22T12:00:00
    - added simple accessors for the tree and configurations
      to the Base class
    - added the 'form_element_formatter' to the DHTML class
      which allows for form elements to be added to the tree
      outside of the link tag.
    - fixed a bug in the DHTML implementation where the DHTML
      would not work if you had not set a link_css value. Now
      you it does work :)

0.01  2004-Jun-18T14:38:19
    - module created