Change Log for Twitter Daily


- Added Test::Kwalitee and Test::Pod to test requirements


- Moved modules dependencies from configure to build


- First release distributed via CPAN
- Pass Test::Kwalitee test
- Added POD coverage tests
- Full modules documentation (pass POD coverage)
- Making Twitter::Daily testable using mock classes

- Entries shown ordered in ascending creation time
- Added install instructions


- Allow dashes in URLs
- Accept more than one twitter nickname in the same line
- Recognition of # for searches


- Fix for Twitter returning more entries than expected
- Quiet mode added
- Shows entries generated in normal mode
- Bug fix : months were not filtered when comparing dates

First TwitterDaily running version !!!
- now only contains the main script for calling Twitter::Daily,
and this one is offered as a separata package, for programatic access to Twitter
- Added date parsing for a better default title, and also passing the title
- adds https, + sign and @username recognition
- No entry is published if no news exist in the Twitter timeline