0.08	9 November 2019

0.07	6 November 2019

0.06	1 April 2012
	Refactored a bit of code.  Verified it runs on 5.14.2 threaded and

0.05	15 November 2006
	Some code cleanup.  Added pod about direct coderefs.

0.04	29 January 2004
	Added notion of presets, so that you don't need to know the magic
	subroutine names anymore.  Added presets blessed, dump, peek and
	refaddr and documentation about it.  Added support for installing
	a different method name using the name of the preset as the subroutine
	specification.  Added test-suite as well.

	This change should simplify the usage of this module significantly.

0.03	29 January 2004
	Added check for attempting to install the same method with a different
	subroutine: now dies if that happens.  Added tests for it as well.

	Added example of "blessed".

0.02	29 January 2004
	Argh.  Possible namespace clash with CPAN.  Added extra package
	specification to prevent any clashes.

0.01	29 January 2004
	First version of UNIVERSAL::dump.