Revision history for URI-ParseSearchString

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
0.02    Fixed a minor bug regarding URI::Split
0.03    Renames to 0.3 to catch up with PAUSE files
0.5     Minor changes to documentation
0.6     Cleaned up code, added some search engines, fixed POD documentation.
0.7     Added Technorati and Feedster blog search engines support
0.8     Kwalitee fixes
0.9     Updated META.yml specs
0.10    Added Froogle, thanks Brian !
1.0     First normal version.
1.1     Fixed a really obscure bug regarding some Google string, thanks Ed !
1.2     Fixed LISENCE , finally.
1.3     Fixed yet another weird error with Google.
1.4     Fixed a prereq 
1.5     Fixed yet another (harmless) error when matching Google strings that cannot be parsed.
        Also added a number of tests that use the no warnings test to make sure.
1.6     Fixed yet another bug with matching Google URL's. Thanks mtm ! 
1.7     Added support for , MS's,,, and search.
1.8     Added Orange, NTLworld.
1.9     Major revamp. New function added to detect search the search engine used. Also added two
        additional search engines. Now using objects.
2.0     Even more changes. More functions being exported, more detailed breakdown of
        information. Special thanks to Lana for the invaluable feedback.
2.1     Very small fixes, some typos.
2.2     Changed the ordering of the search engine matching.
2.3     Added,, Sweetim, Conduit, Lycos ES, Ozu ES, ICQ, Yahoo Japan, Soso, MyWay, thanks Ruben!
2.4     Added,,, Excite, Lycos IT, Libero IT, The Spider IT, Godado IT, Kataweb IT, Simpatico IT, Abacho, Categorico IT (Thanks Ruben and Matteo!)
2.5     Added Cuil (thanks Ed!)
2.6     Major cleaning up of code, thanks to Ed for the advice
        -- The module now uses a hash for the internal mappings between search engine hosts and names. 
        -- Removed duplicated code from several places.
        -- added,
2.7     Updated META.yml and abstract
2.8     Long overdue major rewriting of the code, POD and tests (thanks Menno!)
        -- added Paglo
        -- added Mahalo
        -- added Sproose
2.9     Added URI as a prereq as it appears some systems get confused.
3.0     Added a test case for the new Google referrer strings (
3.1     Added MS Bing support (thanks Mark!)
3.2     Added MS Bing to list of engines (forgot to to so at v. 3.1)
        Added Sapo from Portugal (Thanks Fransisco) and about 10 more .pt engines and newspapers : Iol, Clix, Aeiou, Rpt, Record, Correiomanha and XL
        Some improvements over speed (Thanks once more Fransisco)
        Replaced big engine list with a flat one, easier to read.
        Added and Yahoo answers.
3.3     No code changes, just POD. Added code to Google code.
3.3     Added Clusty, In GR, Robby GR, Pathfinder GR, Phantis GR search engines.
3.4     Fixed POD issue (thanks mtm!)
3.41    Added Google Ukraine (UA) in the list of Google domains (thanks beho)
3.42    Added Brazilian search engines (Thanks Alex)
3.43    Added Conduit (thanks mtm), cleaned up POD
3.44    Added some Indian search engines (thanks Alex)
3.441   Code is now on github
3.442   Added Cuil PT
3.443   Added Torrentz, Isohunt and BT Junkie
3.5     Fixed bug with badly formatted strings (thanks mtm)
3.51    Fixed bug with POD encoding (thanks Andreas)