0.62 2017-04-11
  - Only check for missing Module::Install related modules in Makefile.PL

0.61 2017-04-10
  - Avoid relying on current working directory being in @INC
  - Documentation typo fixes by Andreas Guldstrand (COFFEE)

0.60 2013-09-24
  - added valid_utf8()
  - skip copy-on-write tests on Perl 5.19

0.59 2013-03-28
  - No functional changes in this release
  - 5.17.7 introduced a new copy-on-write mechanism which was disabled in
    5.17.10 due too many rough edges. Skip one test if running on these Perl 

0.58 2012-12-15
  - decode_utf8()/encode_utf8() now tries to avoid copying values returned 
    from a subroutine, ARRAY functions (delete, pop, shift, splice) and HASH 
    functions (delete). 
    Following examples is zero-copy if the returned value is a string:
      - decode_utf8(function());
      - decode_utf8(delete $hash{Key});
      - deocde_utf8(shift @array);
  - Optimized decoding of upgraded octets.
  - Removed suffix "in UTF-8 encoding form" from warnings messages

0.57 2012-11-05
  - Permit isolated usage of sub-categories non_unicode, nonchar and surrogate
    on Perl 5.14 or greater. 

0.56 2012-11-04
  - Added a third argument to $fallback, the position of octet/character at 
    which the error occurred.

0.55 2011-12-22
  - Fixed an assertion failure that was triggered by Perl_sv_catpvn_flags() 
    when perl was compiled with DEBUGGING.

0.54 2011-12-21
  - Fixed a bug where GET magic would be triggered twice in decode_utf8 if the 
    provided $octets scalar had the SvUTF8 flag turned on.
  - Clarified $fallback return values.

0.53 2011-11-23
  - Previous release introduced a bug in utf8_skip(), fixed the bug and
    increased test coverage.

0.52 2011-11-22
  - There are no functional changes introduced by this release.
  - Prefixed internal function names to avoid potential future name clashes.
  - Minor refactor of internal function utf8_skip().
  - Added a CONFORMANCE section to POD.
  - Moved Encode.pm comparison to it's own section COMPARISON.

0.51 2011-11-10
  - Implemented support for the nonchar, surrogate and non_unicode 
    sub-categories of utf8 warning on Perl 5.14 or greater.

0.50 2011-11-04
  - First stable release. API is declared as stable. Warning messages might
    undergo a few changes before 1.00 release.

0.01_11 2011-11-03
  - Only use XSTARG on well-formed UTF-8 strings

0.01_10 2011-11-03
  - Corrected POD commands and typos in documentation.

0.01_09 2011-11-03
  - Implemented support for error-handling mechanism

0.01_08 2011-10-18
  - Refactored internal function utf8_check() for better performance

0.01_07 2011-10-11
  - Fixed detection of non-shortest form UTF-X on perl versions <= 5.8.6
  - Fixed utf8_length() invocation, don't pass the interpreter context
  - Shortened the Encode.pm comparison

0.01_06 2011-09-24
  - Report character position in encode_utf8() warning messages
  - Added a comparison with Encode.pm

0.01_05 2011-09-20
  - Correct maximal subpart implementation
    An initial subsequence of a ill-formed sequence is not maximal subpart.

    <C0 80>       -> <FFFD FFFD>
    <ED A0 80>    -> <FFFD FFFD FFFD>
    <EF BF BF>    -> <FFFD>
    <F4 80 80>    -> <FFFD>
    <F4 90 80 80> -> <FFFD FFFD FFFD FFFD>

    Unicode v6.0:
    D93b Maximal subpart of an ill-formed subsequence: The longest code unit
    subsequence starting at an unconvertible offset that is either:
      a. the initial subsequence of a well-formed code unit sequence, or
      b. a subsequence of length one.

0.01_04 2011-09-17
  - croak if Perl's internal representation of wide characters is ill-formed.
  - Fixed a bug in replacement handling.
  - Added a test for replacement handling.

0.01_03 2011-09-16
  - Removed the "Can't represent restricted code point" error, code points 
    above U+10FFFF is reported as "Can't represent super code point".
  - Instead of just croaking use the 'utf8' warnings category and 
    leave the choise of error reporting to the user.
  - Maximal subpart of an ill-formed subsequence is replaced with U+FFFD as 
    recomended by Unicode.

0.01_02 2011-09-13
  - Changed wording in encoding exception messages from "Can't map \w+ code point"
    to "Can't represent \w+ code point",
  - Added a taint test.
  - Added a leaks test.

0.01_01 2011-09-12
  - Initial CPAN release.