Revision history for Perl module Unicode::Util

v0.10 2013-02-27
 - Added new grapheme_substr function
 - Fixed bugs in grapheme_rindex, which is now supported and no longer

v0.09 2013-02-11
 - grapheme_index is now officially supported and no longer experimental
 - grapheme_length now returns a value based at 0 or whatever you’ve set the $[
   variable to—like with CORE::index—but don’t do that!

v0.08 2013-02-08
 - The new grapheme_length, grapheme_chop, and grapheme_reverse functions now
   work like CORE::length, CORE::chop, and CORE::reverse, respectively, except
   on grapheme clusters instead of code points
 - The old graph_length, graph_chop, and graph_reverse will remain unchanged and

v0.07 2013-01-29
 - Converted this Changes file from YAML to CPAN Changes format as per
 - Added grapheme_length, grapheme_chop, and grapheme_reverse as the primary
   names for graph_length, graph_chop, and graph_reverse, respectively
 - Deprecated graph_length, graph_chop, and graph_reverse
 - Deprecated code_length and byte_length
 - Deprecated :length tag
 - Added experimental grapheme_index, grapheme_rindex, and grapheme_split

v0.06 2012-04-15
 - Deprecated code_chop as it’s easy to do using core syntax and this module
   will only implement grapheme cluster functions going forward, except for
   code_length and byte_length
 - Improved documentation

v0.05 2012-03-04
 - Added additional argument to code_length and byte_length to optionally
   specify the normalization form

v0.04 2012-02-24
 - Added optional second argument to byte_length to specify the encoding,
   with the default remaining UTF-8

v0.03 2012-01-18
 - Added graph_reverse
 - Removed side-effects from graph_chop and code_chop,
   unlike the build-in chop

v0.02 2012-01-17
 - Added graph_chop and code_chop

v0.01 2012-01-17
 - First release
 - Includes graph_length, code_length, and byte_length