Revision history for Util-Any

0.25 2016-12-19T15:53:52Z
	remove Perl6::Export::Attrs support.

0.24 2014-07-22T22:35:47Z

	Fix test. test failes because List::MoreUtils and List::Utils have same name function in some Perl versions.
        Fix some typos.

0.22    2010/04/29 22:58:00
	change the way to disable executing code defined as '.'.
	  for example, -list => [''] -> -list => []
	avoid warning message on perl 5.12

0.21    2010/04/22 02:38:00
        fix bug: _default_kinds and -all keyword doesn't work well.
        add documentation for _default_kinds.

0.20    2010/04/12 23:33:00
        add feature only execute code without exporting anything.
        add _default_kinds method to specify default kinds to export.

0.19    2010/04/03 02:00:00
        add List::Pairwise to list.
        add -data which is as same as -scalar

0.18    2010/01/01 06:17:05
        remove List::MoreUtils from Util::Any itself(they are left in definition).
        Fix bug: didn't understand argument order, collectory in some case.

0.17    2009/10/06 03:32
        add -args option to give common arguments to all functions in same kind.
        enable to work -all with kind setting. for example
               -all, -list => {...}
        fix typo: inherit Perl6::Export::Attr and ':ALL' keyword didn't work correctly.
        fix typo: inherit Exporter and ':all' keyword didn't work correctly.
        Thanks to Richard Jelinek, again.

0.16    2009/09/30 03:16
        fix bug: using SubExportor's generator way and select functions with rename function,
                 didn't working correctly
                 example: ["function", "function2", function3 => {-as => "functionX"}]
        fix bug: using SubExporter's generator way, didn't add prefix.
        if wrong option is passed as plugin options, Carp.
        refactored code. fix buggy code.

0.15    2009/09/29 04:17
        fix bug: -as doesn't work for renamed function.
        now, can choose how to load plugin. 'lazy', 'eager' or '0'.
          default is 'lazy'.

0.14    2009/09/26 11:02
        add pluggable feature.
        performance improvement.
            if empty -select option is passed,
            don't seek class's all functions.
        warn when unkown arguments are passed.

0.13    2009/09/24 13:53
        improve code generator.
            enable not to set -as.
            export code generator when specifing only kind.
        perfomance improvement
        fix typo in document

0.12    2009/09/15 16:29
        fix bug importing with specific functions
            for example, -list => ['uniq'];
            it occurs when one kind has multiple modules.
            This bug is from 0.08
        fix bug, export like SubExpoter (rename using -as) didn't work.
        fix bug, the following importing didn't work.
            use Util::Any {-list => ['uniq']};
            This was bug of documennt, but now work.
        fix document
            -kind => 'function' doesn't work. use -kind => ['function'], instead.
            for example, -list => ['uniq']
        add test for synopsis example
        add test of Sub::Exporter generators way and write docuement about it.
        fix typo in test script

0.11    2009/09/15 09:47
        fix test script. if module is not installed, skip test.

0.10    2009/09/14 11:47
        add option smart_rename.

0.09    2009/09/14 03:31
        Fix bug, prefix doesn't work when using '-kind' style.

0.08    2009/09/11 15:58
        support Sub::Exporter
        support some of exporting ways of Sub::Exporter

0.07    2009/04/12 03:58
        Fix bug when inheriting
        Thanks to Richard Jelinek

0.06    2009/03/22 14:55
        support Exporter and Exporter::Simple

0.05    2009/03/22 02:35
        solve the problem using Util::Any with Perl6::Export::Atttrs
        new feature to inherit Util::Any(-Base and -Perl6ExportAttrs)

0.04    2008/12/14 17:34
        -select & -except option is added to select functions to be exported.
        enable to rename function name.

0.03    2008/12/05 15:37
        add debug option
        write document in detail
        fix for Perl 5.10.
        Perl 5.10 Hash::Util doesn't have some functions which are defined in EXPORT_OK.

0.02    2008/12/03 14:52
        class variables should be cloned in sub class,
        so change %Utils variables from hash to hash ref to clone easily.

0.01    2008/12/03 03:13
        First version