v1.4.2        2017-05-15


    - max_by, max_str_by, min_by, min_by_str: Multiple bugs.

        - In scalar context, these now return the first maximal (minimal)
        element as is documented. Previously, they would return the last
        maximal (minimal) element.

        - In list context, they now return only the maximal (minimal) elements
        as is documented. Previously, they would also return previous maximal
        (minimal) elements. If all elements are ascending, they would have
        previously returned all elements!

    [Other Changes]

    - avoid test failures for "_::is_tainted".

v1.4.0        2017-02-27

    [Changed Functionality]

    - "_::alias" is now only provided if Data::Alias is already installed.
    Technically, this is not a backwards-compatible change but it will not
    break existing installations.

v1.3.0        2015-05-25

    [New Functionality]

    - Scalars: chomp, index,

    - Lists: min_by, max_by uniq_by, classify

    - Miscellaneous Functions: caller, callstack, process_start, process_run

    [Other Changes]

    - You can now use Util::Underscore more freely since it uses the same license as Perl

v1.2.1        2014-07-30


    - Tests now pass on all supported platforms

    - "_::ref_type qr//" properly returns "REGEXP" even on Perl 5.10

v1.2.0        2014-07-28

    [New Functionality]

    - Scalars: added is_string, is_bool, alias from Data::Alias, const from Const::Fast.

    - Numbers: added floor, ceil.

    - Miscellaneous Functions: added File() and Dir() as Path::Class bindings

    [Changed Functionality]

    - The is_* validation functions handle undef input without warnings now.

    - References: ref-refs are now handled correctly: "_::is_scalar_ref \\1" is true, and "_::ref_type \\1" is "REF".

    [Other Changes]

    - Tightened dependencies to decrease chance of test failures.

    - Added a "_.pm" file to reduce clashes. I apologize for polluting your file system with such a weird file.

    - Removed documentation for _::package which never existed.

    - Rewrote parts of the docs in a more formal fashion.

    - Split the docs by topic into separate files.

v1.1.1      2014-03-19

    - Removed build files from the manifest.

v1.1.0      2014-03-18

    [New Functionality]

    - Scalars: added is_plain, is_identifier, is_package.

    - Numbers: added is_int, is_uint.

    - Reference Type Validation: added is_ref, is_scalar_ref, is_array_ref,
    is_hash_ref, is_code_ref, is_glob_ref, is_regex.

    - Classes and Objects: added is_object, is_instance, class_can.

    - Exception Handling: added "carpf" family of functions for formatted error

    - Miscellaneous Functions: added "Data::Dump" functions.

    [Changed Functionality]

    - Improved prototypes for many functions: Nearly all single argument
    functions now default to "$_" as their arg. This makes their usage in "map",
    "grep", or "for" more convenient, e.g. "@classes = map _::class, @objects".

    [Other Changes]

    - The documentation is now organized by topic, instead of by source module.
    In the same vein, the tests were improved.

    - Removed dependency on "Safe::Isa", as we can do the same thing ourselves
    with less overhead.

    - Various optimizations were merged from DOLMEN

v1.0.1      2014-03-02

    - Fixed bugs that prevented installation on older perls.

v1.0.0      2014-03-02

    - Initial release.