Revision history for Perl extension VCS.

0.25 2016-06-05
  - move to lib layout
  - update Changes file

0.24 2014-07-09
  - Give more info in RCS _split_log.

0.23 2014-07-08
  - Required RCS tags in test data, don't do during test.

0.22 2014-07-07
  - Try to sidestep "init existing repo only if cvsadmin" test fails.

0.21 2014-07-07
  - CVS test: Fix test typo.
  - RCS test for command "rcs" not "co".

0.20 2014-07-04
  - CVS tests avoid getlines for back-compat, more tolerant on date.

0.19 2014-07-03
  - simplify generation of "examples"
  - simplify tests with File::Temp and IPC::Open3

0.18 2014-05-02
  - add MYMETA.* to MANIFEST

0.17 2014-05-02
  - update README
  - fix RT-8440 (schwern)
  - add GitHub repo info

0.16  Sun Aug 22 10:04:00 PDT 2010
	- Fix META.yml

0.15  Sun Aug 22 01:37:00 PDT 2010
	- VCS is obsolete, use VCI instead.

0.14  Tue Sep 14 11:21:16 BST 2004
	- Fixed a test, got shocked at how long this has been dormant.
	  (thanks to richard for reporting the test failure on some
	   new version of CVS)

0.13  Fri Jan  2 10:18:44 GMT 2004
 	- Renamed the test files from ,v to ,v_for_testing as reports
	  indicated this was causing problems.
	- Added patch from Richard Clamp to handle directories with
	  non-versioned files more gracefully.
	- Moved CVS fully onto away from
	  sourceforge. Please contact me if you need access.
0.12  Sun Dec 21 20:39:45 GMT 2003
	- Added POD for the changes to tags(), sorry folks forgot
	  to do it earlier.  
	- p.s. btw, this is now no longer hosted on SF's CVS, if you
	  want CVS access let me know as i'm upping the pace dramatically
	  on this module so it should at long last start to go somewhere.
0.11  Sun Dec 21 17:17:45 GMT 2003
	- Applied patch from Pierre Denis (Thanks Leon!), which sorted
          out a problem with testing Rcs from a CVS checkout.
	- Started to split tags() into tags_hash and tags_array, the
	  later maintaining order.

0.10  Wed Feb  5 16:10:25 GMT 2003
	- Applied patch from Leon Broacard (Thanks Leon!), which sorted
	  out a problem with pservers and absolute paths.
	- Updated my email address (word of wisdom, never change your
	  email address its too painful)

0.09  Sun Jan 19 13:12:39 GMT 2003
	- Applied patch from Slaven Rezic (Thanks Slaven!), which ...
		- cleaned up the _CMD variables making them global
		- %LOG_CACHE also global (this allows a quick hack
		  to invalidate the CACHE)
		- use strict applied to VCS::Rcs::Version
		- text() now uses PATH instead of NAME
	- Broke out the tests into seperate files for General (00VCS.t),
	  RCS (01Rcs.t) and CVS (01Cvs.t)
	- Removed dependency on the UNIX command line tools for making
	  a test directory. 
	- Added skips for 01Rcs.t and 01Cvs.t if rcs or cvs are not
	- Made the testing system a little more Win32 friendly.	 

0.08  Thu Jan 16 16:19:37 GMT 2003
	- Added a tags() method to VCS::Dir (see POD for more details), 
	  there are currently only tests for this function in the CVS
	  testsuite, this will change in the next version which should be
	  an overhaul of the entire test suite. There should also be a 
	  nice example of how powerful tags() on VCS::Dir can be in the
	  next version.

0.07  Tue Jan 14 UNKNOWN GMT 2003
	- Removed dependencies on uudecode, gzip and tar in the tests in
	  response to failed test report from CPAN testers (Thanks
	  CPAN Testers!) This has been done by moving the test
	  directory structure into t/.
	- Moved to t/VCS.t

0.06  Mon Jan 13 UNKNOWN GMT 2003
	- Changed to use Test::More
	- Added tags() method to VCS::File implementations in CVS, RCS, HMS.

0.05  Sun Jul 28 01:09:44 BST 2002
	- VCS URLs, eliminating problems with which kind of VCS to use.
	- Exceptions on failed calls to "new" instead of returning undef. This
	  enables calling code to assume it "just worked", and also when it
	  fails, information is available (from the message) as to just what
	  went wrong.
	- An "init" method, callable by "new" in subclasses, cutting down on
	  redundant code in subclasses.
	- A "path" method to use instead of "name", which was potentially
	  ambiguous. The data for this is setup in "init", so subclasses
	  should not need to touch.
	- Because of the above, subclasses like e.g. VCS::X::Dir must inherit
	  from VCS::Dir. If they wish to inherit from VCS::X, they should set
	  @ISA to qw(VCS::X VCS::Dir).

0.04  Oct 28 2001
        - [now in SourceForge CVS]
        - Added VCS::Hms
	- Added multitude of changes from Peter Prymmer:
        - modified the MANIFEST to include the various Hms*
          files as well as the new VCS_dev.pod doc and a Imp_pod.tpl
	- added pod to VCS/ and similar pod to VCS/
          He turned the generalization of pod into the Imp_pod.tpl pod
          template for other VCS::* developers to borrow from.
        - touched up other pod to render it `podchecker -warnings
          -warnings` using podchecker from a test installation of perl
          5.7.2 (perl@12494 kit from jhi). This mostly entailed
          s/\$object->method/\$object-E<gt>method/ in =head[12]
          headings. He added gratuitous =cut's to most pods (even
          though podchecker does not seem to mind their absence).
        - He turned one of the example programs into a MakeMaker
          extractable *.PL script.  Specifically he turned
          examples/diff-hist into examples/diff-hist.PL and made
          appropriate changes to the Makefile.PL. He has only touched
          the one program and wanted to solicit comment on this
          installation technique: note that by running `make install`
          the blib/scripts/diff-hist script will be installed into
          your @INC in such a way that `diff-hist` will lie in you
          $PATH.  Is this something worth doing with the other
          programs in the examples/* directory? Should the examples
          be given other more distinctive names such as vcsdiff-hist,
          i.e. with a leading 'vcs' name?

0.03  Thu May 27 14:31:20 BST 1999
        - more documentation
	- a couple of bug fixes

0.02  Mon Feb 22 17:11:06 1999
        - lots of bugfixes and documentation
	  updates and clarifications
        - fixed bug in the caching which meant
	  that we got almost no hits
	- fixed bug which caused us to do nasty
	  things if VCS::Rcs saw any locked files

0.01  Mon Nov 16 12:41:10 1998
	- first released version, with powerful
          vcsweb.cgi tool