Revision history for VSGDR::StaticData

0.01    12/07/2013
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.  Broken.
0.02    16/07/2013
        POD changes.
0.03    30/07/2013
        Minor changes to output. Removed Dumper statement.
0.04    13/09/2013
        Allowed for multiple column PKeys and no PKey.
0.05    18/09/2013
        Fixed quoting bug resulting from use of like a number on a line by line basis.
        Added cut-off limit on update reporting of a 100+.
        Added total non-updated count on update reporting of a 100+.
0.06    27/11/2013
        Bad bug fix.
0.07    05/12/2013
        Bad bug fix - nulls weren't handled.
0.08    11/12/2013
        Size extension to cope with varchar(max)
0.09    28/01/2014
        Cosmetic changes to output
0.10    19/02/2014
        Fixed non-numeric null value handling.
0.11    20/02/2014
        Stupid trailing column bug introduce in 0.08 removed.
0.12    20/02/2014
        Removed some obsolete dependencies.
0.13    26/02/2014
        Fixed data retrieval for computed columns
0.14    03/03/2014
        Minor cosmetic layout changes
0.15    05/03/2014
        Corrections to reporting of altered records count.
0.16    03/06/2014
        Added a check that the table name is a valid table name (before we hit a cryptic runtime error.)
0.17    03/06/2014
        Fixed introduced bug.
0.18    11/06/2014
        Enhanced to use a unique key for a table where a primary key is not defined.  Unique indexes are NOT covered by this change.
0.19    11/06/2014
        Better support for standard MS quoted table names and schemas.
0.20    11/06/2014
        Better support for non-pk identity columns.
0.21    12/06/2014
        Fixed bug in multiple pk/un selection.  Fixed reporting of large-scale changes.
        Bugs identified in handling of multiple column primary key or unique constraints.
0.22    16/06/2014
        Added missing Graph dependency.
        Improved datetime handling.
0.23    25/06/2014
        Strawberry perl support added.
0.24    08/08/2014
        Fixed output of collate properties against columns.
0.25    30/09/2014
0.26    09/06/2015
        Made StaticDataPopulationId an identity column.
0.27    02/09/2015
        Fixed new perl 5.22 error message.
        Can't use an array as a reference at C:/strawberry-perl/perl/site/lib/VSGDR/ line 122.
0.28    02/09/2015
        Begin/End around rollback to savepoint and commit section.
0.29    05/09/2015
        Just found out about interaction between xact_state() and @@trancount.  Trying to fix the generated code.
0.30    29/09/2015
        Typo fix.
0.31    20/10/2016
        Quoted output column names.
0.32    19/04/2017
        Justified data columns.  May make this optional at a later date.
0.33    14/12/2017
        Fixed null value in precision for float types.
0.34	06/02/2018
        Updated non-pk version of insert to use select .. except checks.  Took out the verbose older method.  Now matches the update logic better.
0.35	06/02/2018
        Re-fixed broken multi-column pk/uk logic.
0.36	01/05/2018
        Removed check for embedded '.' in table or schema-name.  Reworked checking logic.
0.37	16/05/2018
        Created  Runs a SQL select to pull out CSV data to populate a test example.  Re-uses code from
0.38	17/05/2018
        Fixed column typing for new
0.39	11/06/2018
        Fixed regression bug introduced into
0.40	11/06/2018
        Added type derivation for uniqueidentifier
0.41	29/10/2018
        Added ability to ignore all columns with only null 'values' when extracting test data.
0.42	29/10/2018
        Fixed changes. (this file.)
0.43	31/10/2018
        Optionalised usage of Win32.
0.44    31/10/2018
        Optionalised usage of Win32.        (again)
0.45    01/11/2018
        Optionalised usage of Win32.        (again)
0.46    29/03/2019
        Fixed declarations of money types.
        Optionalised usage of Win32.        (again)
0.47    21/06/2019
        Removed computed columns from inserts. (test data only)
0.48    24/06/2019
        Fixed the column intersection problem introduced by 0.47.  This applies to generating test data only, not static data.