Revision history for VSGDR::TestScriptGen

0.01    28/05/2014
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.  Broken.
0.02    29/05/2014
        Added db function support.
0.03    09/06/2014
        Handles varchar(max)
0.04    16/06/2014
        Defaults values fon non-nullable parameters.  Better formatting of output.
0.05    25/06/2014
        Strawberry Perl login name implemented.
0.06    15/07/2014
        Added option to not run tests on generation.  Improved testfilename generation.  Switched to using IO::Dir from IO::File
0.07    11/08/2014
        Kwalitee changes.
0.08    13/08/2014
        Quoted sp/fn references in output.
0.09    13/08/2014
        Fixed generation of test results tables.
0.10    13/08/2014
        Quoted temp table column names.
0.11    15/09/2014
        Fixed 'empty' output table generation bug.
0.12    27/02/2015
        Support for user-defined data types.
0.13    11/03/2015
        Now accepts the name of an optional existing test file, so that the generated tests no longer include those already in a smoketest project.
0.14    02/09/2015
        Fixed new perl 5.22 error message.
		#     Error:  Can't use an array as a reference at C:\PerlModules\VSGDR-TestScriptGen-0.13\blib\lib/VSGDR/ line 230.
0.15	05/09/2015
		xact_state() must be checked it's not sufficient to check @@trancount because of SQL Server's stupidly complicated
		transaction system.
0.16	12/10/2016
		Anonymous columns in stored procedure output sets are now called Column_1, Column_2 etc.
		If this clashes will real columns more complex logic will be needed.
0.17	03/11/2017
		Fixed generation of xml and user-defined table type variables.  Parameter types might not be completely correct yet.