Revision history for Var-Mystic

0.000001  Wed Feb  5 18:29:14 2020
    Initial release.

0.000002  Wed Feb  5 20:00:56 2020
    No changes logged

0.000003  Sun Feb  9 22:33:58 2020

    Added new interface ('track' prefix instead of 'mystic' keyword)

    Added test dependency on Term::ANSIColor

    Added support for 'our' and 'state' variables

    Added support for tracking arrays and hashes

    Added support for adding tracking to variables after declaration

    Added support for lexically scoped tracking ('here' option)

    Added 'no Var::Mystic' to silence all tracking
    without the need to remove keywords

    Made module smarter about colouring its output
    (no colouring if STDERR redirected away from terminal)