Revision history for Variable-Temp

0.04    2017-11-04 17:00 UTC
        + Fix : Test failures on perl 5.27.5 and above.
        + Fix : Test::More is no longer a dependency.

0.03    2015-04-06 12:55 UTC
        + Tst : t/13-magic.t will no longer fail with a 'planned twice' error
                when Variable::Magic's version is not recent enough.
        + Tst : Tests from t/10-base.t and t/20-lvalue.t that localize array
                elements at the end of the array will now be skipped before
                perl 5.12, as a bug in perl prevents the array length from
                being reset at scope end.

0.02    2015-04-01 22:55 UTC
        + Add : temp() can now be applied to arrays and hashes.
        + Add : The new set_temp() function is a non-lvalue alternative to
                temp(). In particular, it can be used on perl 5.12.x and
        + Fix : 'temp $var;' now correctly sets $var to undef.
        + Fix : The tests now pass correctly on perl 5.12.x and below.

0.01    2015-03-09 13:55 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.