Revision history for Perl extension Verilog::Language.

The contributors that suggested a given feature are shown in [].  [by ...]
indicates the contributor was also the author of the fix; Thanks!

* Verilog::Language 3.470 2020-01-06

****    Fix capital S for signed numbers, [Piotr Binkowski]

****    Fix // in filenames, bug1610. [Peter Nelson]

* Verilog::Language 3.468 2019-09-12

****    Support ${} for env vars in file lists, msg3065.

****    Fix multidimensional cell/interfaces, bug1505. [Anderson Ignacio Da Silva]

* Verilog::Language 3.466 2019-05-04

****    Fix Mac OS-X Perl 5.26.3 issues, bug1428. [Jack Langsdorf]

* Verilog::Language 3.464 2019-05-01

****    Fix vrename with escaped names, bug1420. [Kerry Imming]

* Verilog::Language 3.462 2019-04-09

***     Fix legacy $pin->netlist accessor.

***	Fix nettype declarations, msg2931.  [Andreas Sunardi]

* Verilog::Language 3.460 2019-01-26

***	Fix Verilog::Std being empty on fork, bug1394. [Corey Teffetalor]

* Verilog::Language 3.458 2019-01-24

***     Add Verilog::Cell::range accessor, bug1393. [Ed Carstens]

****    For write_verilog, print any cell parameters.

* Verilog::Language 3.456 2018-10-28

****    Fix number parsing with newline after radix, bug1340. [George Cuan]

* Verilog::Language 3.454 2018-08-21

****    Support parsing around Cadence protected meta-comments.

****    Fix define argument stringification (`"), broke since 3.446. [Joe DErrico]

****    Fix to ignore Unicode UTF-8 BOM sequences, msg2576. [HyungKi Jeong]

* Verilog::Language 3.452 2018-04-12

****	Fix parsing "output signed" in V2K port list, msg2540. [James Jung]

****	Fix GLIBC assertion failure, bug1299. [Filipe Rosset]

* Verilog::Language 3.450 2018-03-12

**      Support SystemVerilog 1800-2017.

**      Moving forward, use the git "stable" branch to track the latest release,
        and git "v#.###" tags for specific releases.

* Verilog::Language 3.448 2018-01-02

****    Workaround comment bug in flex 2.6.4, bug1252. [Rob Stoddard]

* Verilog::Language 3.446 2017-11-08

****	Fix `` expansion of `defines, bug1225, bug1227, bug1228. [Odd Magne Reitan]

* Verilog::Language 3.444 2017-09-21

****	Fix replication handling error, bug1205. [Leon Medpum]

****	Fix compile error on MAC OS X/clang 8.1.0, msg2337. [Kunal Bansal]

* Verilog::Language 3.442 2017-09-08

****	Fix new concatenation handling error, bug1200. [by Stefan Tauner]

****	Fix unreferenced scalar warning, bug1200. [by Stefan Tauner]

* Verilog::Language 3.440 2017-08-31

**	Support for buses and concats in Netlist, msg1626. [by Stefan Tauner]

**	Support pragma protect begin_protected/end_protected, msg2313. [George Cuan]

* Verilog::Language 3.430 2017-07-24

**	Support Verilog::SigParser pin select parsing, msg1626. [by Stefan Tauner]

* Verilog::Language 3.426 2017-06-06

****	Fix lineno with class callbacks, bug1162. [Dave Storrar]

* Verilog::Language 3.423 2017-04-26

****	Fix tests '.' for Perl 5.26.0, rt121025.  [Dan Collins]

* Verilog::Language 3.422 2016-11-24

****    Add additional tests, msg1982. [by Stefan Tauner]

****	Fix passing enum types in SigParser, bug1107. [by Lalit Chhabra]

* Verilog::Language 3.420 2016-07-30

***     Add vhier --skiplist option. [John Busco]

****    Fix duplicate cells when delete cells, bug1049.  [by Stefan Tauner]

****    Fix core dump on Storable store/retrieve, bug1063. [G Aydos]

* Verilog::Language 3.418 2016-02-02

****    Fix Flex 2.6.0 warnings.

* Verilog::Language 3.416 2015-10-02

****    Fix dumpcheck test false failures, bug939. [Gene Sullivan]

****    Fix vrename missing first quote symbol msg1684. [Josef Wells]

* Verilog::Language 3.414 2015-06-26

****	Add Parser useProtected argument to aid runtime, bug899. [Corey Teffetalor]

****	Fix Preproc loop under Perl-Tk, bug913. [Stefan Tauner]

****	Fix vhier infinite loop on recursive modules.

****	Fix preprocessing stringified newline escapes, bug915. [Anton Rapp]

****	Fix building for Mac 10.10 with Perl 5.18.2, bug923. [S Liu]

****	Fix parsing comments before signal end, bug917. [Raj G, Jeffrey Huynh]

* Verilog::Language 3.412 2015-03-16

****    Fix len error in 3.410, bug896. [Jon Nall]

* Verilog::Language 3.410 2015-03-14

****	Fix non-ANSI modport instantiations, bug868. [Kevin Thompson]

****    Fix extra text in delay-number callback, bug893. [Greg Waters]

****	Fix virtual modport without interface in classes, bug778. [Jon Nall]

* Verilog::Language 3.408 2014-11-15

***	Fix +define+A+B to define A and B to match other simulators, bug847. [Adam Krolnik]

***	Show old and new value when redefining a define, bug846. [Adam Krolnik]

****	Fix loss of trireg on output signals, msg1491. [Matt Lanahan]

****	Fix quoted comment slashes in defines, bug845. [Adam Krolnik]

* Verilog::Language 3.406 2014-09-21

***     Add Verilog::Preproc->parent() method, bug813. [Ed Carstens]

***     Add Verilog::Netlist::File->preproc() method, bug813. [Ed Carstens]

****	Pass CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS for easier packaging, bug786. [Florian Schlichting]

****	Fix width of byte, bug812. [Ed Carstens]

****    Fix interfaces with variable dimension, bug818. [Glen Gibb]

* Verilog::Language 3.404 2014-06-08

***	Added Verilog::Netlist/Verilog::Parser parser option.

****	In vppreproc, add option -P as alias of --noline to match GCC.

****	Fix modport outside ANSI header, bug777. [Joe Dudas]

****	Fix virtual modport without interface, bug778. [Jon Nall]

****	Fix string corruption, bug780. [Derek Lockhart]

****	Fix Bison 4.0 warnings.

* Verilog::Language 3.403 2014-03-11

****	Fix parsing "#0 'b0", bug256.

****	Fix build on MacOS 5.12.4. [Robert Bell]

****    Fix multiple pre-ANSI package imports on same line. [Brad Dobbie]

* Verilog::Language 3.402 2013-10-17

****	Fix function/task named parameter calls with empty parenthesis.

****	Fix parameter assignment to mintypmax_expressions, bug671. [Arnaud Turier]

* Verilog::Language 3.401 2013-05-21

***	Fix recognizing type parameters as classes, bug627. [Jon Nall]

****	Fix missing endtask callbacks in DPI and methods, bug641. [Jon Nall]

* Verilog::Language 3.400 2013-02-27

***	Support SystemVerilog 1800-2012.

****	Predefine SV_COV_START and other IEEE mandated predefines.

* Verilog::Language 3.318 2012-11-28

****	Fix vpassert test failure in bleadperl 5.17.5-518, bug582.  [Andreas Koenig]

* Verilog::Language 3.317 2012-10-01

***	Gunzip Verilog::Preproc filenames ending in .gz, bug564. [Jingzhen Hu]

****	Fix multidimensional unpacked wires. [Leif Tore Rusten]

****	Fix MacOS 10.8 build error. [Oliver King-Smith]

* Verilog::Language 3.316 2012-07-27

****	Fix newlines in radix values, bug507. [Walter Lavino]

****	Fix internal readWholefile error check, bug518. [Wei Song]

****	Fix parsing hierarchical binds.  [Brian Mokrzycki]

* Verilog::Language 3.315 2012-05-04

***	Put root localparams into $root module, bug471. [Corey Teffetalor]

****	Fix comment callback starting line, bug459. [Max Bjurling]

****	Fix genvar and begin under generate, bug461.  [Alex Solomatnikov]

****	Fix const class member parsing.

****	Fix compile error on MS Windows.  [Ling Li Wang]

****	Fix cpan-testers' tests on systems without perldoc.

* Verilog::Language 3.314 2012-02-27

***	Add vhier --forest and --instance.  [by John Busco]

***	Fix expansion of back-slashed escaped macros, bug441.  [Alberto Del Rio]

***	Fix -F relative filename parsing, bug444. [Jeremy Bennett]

****	Fix c style var array declarations. [by Jack Cummings]

****	Fix --debug parsing after -f files, bug442. [Jeremy Bennett]

****	Fix hang on recursive substitution `defines, bug443. [Alex Solomatnikov]

* Verilog::Language 3.313 2011-12-14

***	Add Verilog-AMS keywords to Verilog::Language.

***	Fix "always @ (* )", bug403, bug404.  [Walter Lavino]

***	Fix empty generate region, bug422.  [Walter Lavino]

* Verilog::Language 3.312 2011-10-20

***	Fix $past with event_control, bug400. [Jon Nall]

****	Fix 02_help.t error when pager highlights manpages.

* Verilog::Language 3.311 2011-10-18

**	Add SigParser class and endclass callbacks, bug391. [Jon Nall]

***	Fix EditFiles confusing endmodule in nested comments. [Wu Ye]

***	Fix --help output to go to stderr, not stdout.  [R. Diez]

* Verilog::Language 3.310 2011-07-22

**	Add --synthesis to vhier+Preproc to honor translate_offs. [Ozkan Dikmen]

**	Add SigParser covergroup and endgroup callbacks. [Jon Nall]

****	Fix covergroup callback giving empty datatype, bug361. [Jon Nall]

****	Fix SigParser port callback missing paren expressions. [Sean Vo]

* Verilog::Language 3.307 2011-06-22

****	Add vhier --xml. [David Asher]

****	Fix net used lint warnings after pin deletes, bug343. [David Chinnery]

****	When making, turn down GCC optimization to O1 to avoid GCC hang bug.

* Verilog::Language 3.306 2011-03-07

****	Fix block comment not separating identifiers, bug311. [Gene Sullivan]

* Verilog::Language 3.305 2010-12-03

***	Add -F option to read relative option files, bug297. [Neil Hamilton]

***	Fix env var expansion from Getopt, bug298.  [John Dickol]

****	Fix removing defines without ` when non-SystemC, bug300. [John Dickol]

* Verilog::Language 3.304 2010-10-25

****	Fix file_substitute expanding ~, msg382.  [Neil Hamilton]

****	Fix wrong filename on include file errors, bug289. [Brad Parker]

* Verilog::Language 3.303 2010-09-20

***	Add vrename --changelang option, to upgrade keywords. [Dan Moore]

***	Add vrename --language option. [Dan Moore]

***	Add Verilog::Language::language_maximum and language_keywords.

****	Fix escaped identifiers that are keywords, bug282. [Dan Moore]

****	Fix preprocessor `` of base define, bug283.  [Usha Priyadharshini]

* Verilog::Language 3.302 2010-08-26

****	Increase define recursions before error.  [Paul Liu]

****	Fix documentation on verilog_text and link, bug278. [Mike Z]

****	Use Digest::SHA instead of SHA1, bug277.  [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

****	Fix false test failure if Math::BigInt not installed.

* Verilog::Language 3.301 2010-08-04

****	Improve Bison/flex skipping to increase CPAN-Testers pass rate.

* Verilog::Language 3.300 2010-08-02

**	Support SystemVerilog 2009 standard, including new keywords.

***	Bison/flex are no longer required to build, unless sources are changed.

****	Fix preprocessing ifdef `INDIRECT(DEFINE).

****	Fix preprocessor preservation of newlines across macro substitutions.

****	Fix preprocessor stringification of nested macros.

****	Fix preprocessor whitespace on define arguments

* Verilog::Language 3.251 2010-06-29

***	Add vppreproc --dump-defines option.

****	Fix vpassert "POSIX::BUFSIZ" error on Perl 5.8.8.  [Chitlesh Goorah]

* Verilog::Language 3.250 2010-06-21

**	Add parsing of "defparam", including SigParser::defparam callback,
	Netlist::ContAssign object, and accessors. [Pierre-David Pfister]

****	Fix complex {...} port declarations, bug262.  [Evgeni Stavinov]

* Verilog::Language 3.241 2010-05-01

***	Add vpassert --call-* switches to use user's PLI display functions.

****	Disable Parser unreadback() data during std:: parsing. [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix preprocessing some DOS carriage returns, broke in 3.240.

* Verilog::Language 3.240 2010-03-29

***	Add vpassert vp_coverage_off/on pragmas.

***	Add vpassert --synthcov, --axiom and --vcs switches.

****	Pass pin numbers for functions/tasks to SigParser::port_cb.

****	Improve performance of large file parsing.  [Jeffrey Short]

****	Fix parsing single files > 2GB.  [Jeffrey Short]

****	Fix vpassert to insert `lines on every line where needed.

****	Fix "disable iff {property_expr}", bug221.  [Rick Ramus]

****	Fix UDPs with min:typ:max delays, bug228.  [Pihay Saelieo]

****	Fix Pod::Usage dependency, rt51024.  [Andreas Koenig]

****	Fix Mac OS-X compile issues.  [Joshua Wise]

****	Fix Verilog::EditFiles documentation, bug222. [Evgeni Stavinov]

* Verilog::Language 3.231 2010-02-21

****	Support 1800-2009 /*comments*/ in define values.

****	Fix DOS carriage returns leaking into comment output.

****	Fix error on define comments w/o keep_whitespace, bug202. [Rick Ramus]

****	Fix "parser thinks ending" error on unions, bug202. [Rick Ramus]

****	Fix `defines with empty argument lists.

* Verilog::Language 3.230 2010-01-21

**	Support interface modports, bug200.  [by Thriller Wu]
	Applications using interfaces may need to ignore the new callbacks.

***	Support 1800-2009 defines with default arguments.

***	Pedantic no longer disables `__FILE__ and `__LINE__ as they
	are now part of SystemVerilog 2009 (IEEE 1800-2009).

****	Fix memory leaks.  [Thriller Wu]

* Verilog::Language 3.223 2009-12-20

***	Support `undefineall.

****	Add implied "input" to function var callbacks.

****	Fix covergroup instantiation syntax error, bug192.  [Vesselin Kavalov]

****	Fix parsing enums with implicit types.

* Verilog::Language 3.222 2009-11-24

****	Fix missing ; in ContAssign::verilog_text, bug177.  [Nicolas Wilhelm]

****	Fix multi-dimensional arrayed typedefs, bug183.  [Vesselin Kavalov]

****	Fix "assert () else" action_blocks.  [Vesselin Kavalov]

****	Fix typedef scoping under anonymous begin blocks.

****	Fix `define argument mis-replacing system task of same name, bug191.

* Verilog::Language 3.221 2009-10-28

****	Fix SystemPerl hitting "undefined find_interface..." in 3.220.

****	Fix erroring on strings with backslashed newlines, bug168. [Pete Nixon]

****	Fix compile error on RHEL3 with gettext, bug169. [Marek Rouchal]

****	Fix line number miscounting with `pragma.

* Verilog::Language 3.220 2009-09-30

**	Add parsing of "assign", including SigParser::contassign callback,
	Netlist::ContAssign object, and related accessors.

***	Several code speedups to vhier, Verilog::Netlist, and the parsers.

***	Add Preproc::getall to fetch all text instead of line-by-line.

***	Add Parser::new(use_cb_{name}=>0) option to speed parsing.

***	Add SigParser/Netlist::new(use_vars=>0) option to speed parsing.

****	Fix deep defines causing flex scanner overflows. [Brad Dobbie]

****	Fix preprocessing commas in deep parameterized macros. [Brad Dobbie]

****	Fix Preproc::defSubstitute not being called on parameterized macros.

****	Fix Perl 5.8.8 compile error, bug115. [Marek Rouchal]

* Verilog::Language 3.213 2009-09-10

***	Improved warning when "do" used as identifier.

****	Fix compilation and installation on MacOS 10.4. [Robert Guenzel]

****	Fix escaped preprocessor identifiers, bug106. [Nimrod Gileadi]

****	Fix Perl 5.8.8 compile error, bug115. [Marek Rouchal]

****	Fix Perl 5.8.0 compile error with callbackgen. [Kjeld Svendsen]

* Verilog::Language 3.212 2009-07-20

***	Fix syntax errors when using vhier/Netlist with --language 1364-2001.

****	Fix dotted expressions returning "..", bug98. [Saul Cuellar]

****	Fix Getopt::file_path to expand environment variables in filenames.

* Verilog::Language 3.211 2009-06-17

***	Add SigParser::var callbacks on struct members, bug91. [Saul Cuellar]

***	Add Preproc::defSubstitute define callbacks, bug94. [by Saul Cuellar]

****	Fix parsing empty commas in port lists, bug97.  [Noam Meir]

****	Fix compatibility with Getopt-Long-2.38, bug167.  [by Marek Rouchal]

****	Fix compile error under GCC 3.3.5.

****	Work around compiler warning when using flex 2.5.35. [Jonathan Kimmitt]

* Verilog::Language 3.210 2009-05-19

***	`__FILE__ now expands to a string, per SystemVerilog 2009.

***	Fix parsing external declarations using appropriate class scope.

***	Fix parsing class member variables with multiple qualifiers.

****	Fix Netlist errors with ported interfaces, bug86. [David A]

****	Fix Netlist errors with interfaces-under-interfaces, bug87. [David A]

****	Fix define formal arguments that contain newlines, bug84. [David A]

****	Fix parsing arrayed instances with just "[#]" (no colon).

****	Fix parsing "for (a=0;a;)".

****	Fix parsing ""

* Verilog::Language 3.202 2009-05-01

****	Fix 3.200 mis-inheriting V2K port types.  [Derek Johnstone]

* Verilog::Language 3.201 2009-04-28

****	Fix "abort" compile error.  [Jayanand AK]

* Verilog::Language 3.200 2009-04-15

**	This is a major release that may break some scripts that worked with
	earlier versions.  Some scripts may need modification to work with
 	this version of Verilog-Perl.

**	This package is now licensed under LGPL v3 and/or Artistic v2.0.

**	Verilog::Parser, SigParser and Netlist now support SystemVerilog.

***	Verilog::SigParser's signal_decl and funcsignal callbacks no longer
	work.  They are replaced by the "var" callback.

***	Added Verilog::SigParser program and endprogram callbacks.

***	Calling Verilog::SigParser->new now requires a symbol_table parameter,
	if multiple modules are to be parsed as part of one compilation unit.

***	Netlist::Port->type accessor is renamed data_type. [Horia Toma]

***	Netlist::Net->type accessor is split into data_type,
	decl_type and net_type accessors.

***	Netlist::Module->ports_ordered now returns objects. [Horia Toma]

***	Added Netlist::Interface and related accessors.

***	Added Netlist::Module->keyword accessor, and use it for "program"s.

****	Fix Macintosh BSD build error.  [Otacilio de Arujo Ramos Neto]

****	Fix parallel make rule build error.  [Chitlesh Goorah]

****	Fix const compile warning in VPreProc.cpp. [Chitlesh Goorah]

****	Fix logic MSBs not being reported in 3.200 beta.  [Horia Toma]

* Verilog::Language 3.121 2009-04-05

****	Make cell names unique when duplicate cells encountered. [Paul Janson]

****	Remove unused parameter in exit_if_error.  [Paul Janson]

****	Fix modported instance name passed to SigParser::instant callback.

* Verilog::Language 3.120 2009-02-25

***	Add vhier --resolve-files option. [by Vasu Arasanipalai]

***     Support "parameter integer" etc, bug64. [Jeff Kurtze]

***	Support big-endian bit vectors, i.e. [0:2], bug65. [Devendra Singh]

***	Return width() of 1 for non-vectored signals, bug65. [Devendra Singh]

***	Add "'{" as an operator.

****	Fix "assign {{x,y},z}", bug166. [Devendra Singh]

****	Fix documentation on ports_ordered, bug66.  [Nicky Ayoub]

****	Fix compile issues with GCC 4.3.  [Donavan Miller]

****	Fix Bison 2.4 compile issues.

* Verilog::Language 3.110 2009-01-28

**	Support interface and import. [by Sandeep Gor]
	Add new SigParser::interface, endinterface and import callbacks.

***	Add vhier --top-module option, bug49.  [John Busco]

***	Add vpassert $ucover_bits_clk. [Mahesh Kumashikar, et al]

***	Add comments to Netlist::Net::verilog_text. [by Jeff Short]

***	Support `pragma and `default_nettype.

* Verilog::Language 3.100 2009-01-02

**	Vppp is now renamed vppreproc; vpm is renamed vpassert.
	This fixes naming conflicts with other packages.  [Chitlesh Goorah]
	Note this breaks backward compatibility and any scripts that call
	these programs will need updating.  Alternatively, add a symlink in
	your bin directory from the old name.

***	Fix missing module dependencies and Bison warning.  [Chitlesh Goorah]

* Verilog::Language 3.045 2008-12-19

***     Add vpm --noline option. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

***     Add vpm --realintent option. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

***	Fix vpm making long lines that upset Cadence's NC-Verilog. [Soon Koh]

****	Fix Makefile issues with ActivePerl.  [Jose Ochoa]

* Verilog::Language 3.044 2008-11-10

***	Support SystemVerilog unique and priority case, bug33. [by Nicky Ayoub]

***	Support SystemVerilog timeunit and timeprecision, bug34. [by Nicky Ayoub]

***	Support SystemVerilog package items, bug39. [by Nick Ayoub]

****	Expand environment variables in Verilog::Getopt.  [Lawrence Butcher]

****	Fix Verilog::EditModules when modules wrapped in ifdef.  [Mat Zeno]

* Verilog::Language 3.043 2008-09-28

***	Ignore Verilog-XL defines (suppress_faults, etc).  [Nicky Ayoub]

****	Fix cpan-testers mis-reporting FAIL when no flex installed.

****	Fix Perl Critic error when not installed, bug164. [Andreas Koening]

* Verilog::Language 3.042 2008-09-19

***	Add Netlist net, port and module ->delete methods. [Daniel Schoch]

***	Add Netlist modules_sorted_level and ->level method. [Daniel Schoch]

***	Add vpm $uerror_clk and $uwarn_clk assertions.

***	Add vpm $ucover_clk coverage expansions.

***	Vpm now enables `line comments unless using Verilog 1995.

****	Fix verilog_text to output wire values. [by Jeff Short]

****	Fix parsing signals with negative lsbs.  [Stephane Laurent]

* Verilog::Language 3.041 2008-09-03

**	Verilog-Perl development versions are now available from a git server.
	See Installing under for details.

***     Netlist errors are now always reported through the new
	Verilog::Netlist::Logger class.  This allows errors to be caught or
	specially handled.  [Miguel Corazao, AMD]

****	Fixed code to be Perl::Critic clean.

* Verilog::Language 3.040 2008-08-20

***	Add Netlist::Net->value containing parameter values.  [Ron D Smith]

***	Added Verilog::Netlist/Verilog::Parser preproc option.
	[by Miguel Corazao, AMD]

***	Support +=, -=, etc, and ++, -- operators. [Sean de la Haye]

***	Support "cover property."

****	Eliminated automatic error printing upon application termination.
	[by Miguel Corazao, AMD]

****	Fix syntax error when "`include `defname" is ifdefed.  [John Dickol]

****	Fix error when macro call has commas in concatenate. [John Dickol]

****	Fix compile errors under Fedora 9, GCC 4.3.0.  [by Jeremy Bennett]

* Verilog::Language 3.035 2008-05-07

****	Fix "output reg name=expr;" bug34649 syntax error.  [Martin Scharrer]

****	Fix functions with "input integer".  [Johan Wouters]

****	Fix bug introduced in 3.024 with parametrized defines.

****	Fix compiler warnings under GCC 4.2.1.

****	Fix "endclass" keyword misspelling.  [John Dickol]

****	Fix preprocessor `else after series of `elsif.  [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix parametrized defines calling define with comma.  [Joshua Wise]

* Verilog::Language 3.024 2008-04-02

***	Verilog::Parser will now start parsing using the keywords
	based on the Verilog::Language::language_standard setting.

****	Fix vhier ignoring --language option.  [Martin Scharrer]

****	Fix SystemVerilog parameterized defines with `` expansion,
	and fix extra whitespace inserted on substitution. [Vladimir Matveyenko]

****	Fix missing uwire keyword in Verilog::Language. [Jonathan David]

****	Fix parse error on min:typ:max delay pairs, bug34575. [Martin Scharrer]

* Verilog::Language 3.023 2008-02-12

****	Fix arrayed input/output pins.  [Thomas Ziller]

****	Fix "output reg unsigned" parse error.

* Verilog::Language 3.022 2008-01-15

***	Add ignoring of SystemVerilog enumerations.  [Thomas Ziller]

****	Fix begin_keywords 1800-2005 error introduced in last release.

* Verilog::Language 3.021 2008-01-07

****	Fix endclass keyword parsing.  [David Plumb]

****	Fix "://" parsing as ":/" operator instead of comment. [Mark Nodine]

* Verilog::Language 3.020 2007-12-03

**	Add SystemVerilog logic types.  [Thomas Ziller]
	(SystemVerilog support is still a work in progress).

***	Add SystemVerilog operators += ## @@ :: etc.

***	Add specify operators &&& => *>.  [Mark Nodine]

***	Add SystemVerilog times (10ns, etc).

****	Fix concatenates in for loop assignments.  [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix endmodule/endfunc callback line numbers.

* Verilog::Language 3.013 2007-10-18

****	Fix parsing module #(parameter x,y) declarations. [Oleg Rodionov]

****	Fix parsing system functions with empty parens. [Oleg Rodionov]

****	Fix Verilog::Netlist errors having wrong line number. [Oleg Rodionov]

* Verilog::Language 3.012 2007-09-10

**	Added Verilog::EditFiles module and vsplitmodule example.

* Verilog::Language 3.011 2007-07-31

***	Added event trigger -> operator. [Mark Nodine]

****	Remove preprocessor adding newlines before `line. [Mark Nodine]

* Verilog::Language 3.010 2007-07-18

***	Added Parser::endparse callback. [Mark Nodine]

***	Added SigParser::endmodule, endtaskfunc, and endcell callbacks.

****	Fix attachment of comments to proceeding cells. [David Chinnery]

* Verilog::Language 3.002 2007-07-16

***	Find functions now search backslash escaped names.  [David Chinnery]

***	Fix vrename breakage in 3.00* releases.  [David Price]

****	Fix SigParser::comment to call Parser::Comment. [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix Parser::unreadback to always return value. [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix g++ bug giving "out of memory" on Cygwin.  [Pongstorn]

* Verilog::Language 3.001 2007-06-20

****	Support V2K function/task argument lists.

****	Fix Preprocessor dropping some `line directives.  [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix Netlist "not found" errors on primitives, bug27624. [Jeff Trull]

* Verilog::Language 3.000 2007-06-12

** 	Note this is a MAJOR release that may have incompatibilities with
	earlier versions, although I've attempted to minimize problems.
	Please email any problems to the author.

**	Verilog::SigParser has been completely rewritten.  The good news is
	it understands almost the entire Verilog 2005 language.  The bad
	news is there are minor incompatibilities with previous versions,
	and the parser now errors out when it does not understand something
	rather than ignoring it.

***	The Verilog::SigParser->pin callback now passes "" as the pin name
	instead of "pin###" if connecting by position instead of by name.

***	Added Verilog::SigParser->funcsignal callback for variables declared
	inside a function or task.  bug26972.  [Mark Nodine]

***	Added Verilog::SigParser->instant callbacks for gate primitives.
	bug26969, bug27062. [Mark Nodine]

***	Added Verilog::SigParser->parampin callbacks for parameter connections
	to instantiations.

***	Added Verilog::SigParser->signal_decl callbacks for all module vars,
	including parameters and genvars.

***	Added Verilog::SigParser->signal_decl callback argument with
	initial values of parameters and wires. [Mark Nodine]

**	Verilog::Parser has been replaced with the front end of the
	SigParser.  The preproc and syscall callbacks were added

***	Require call to Verilog::Parser->eof() at the end of all parsers.

***	Changed Verilog::Parser->unreadback() method to not clear state.
	You must now call unreadback('') to clear the unreadback characters.

***	The long depreciated Verilog::Parse module has been removed.

****	Fixed Verilog::Parser mis-parsing spaces in numbers, bug27070.

****	Fixed Verilog::SigParser bug26141, bug26940, bug26968, bug26969,
	bug26970, bug26972, bug26997, bug27009, bug27010, bug27013,
	bug27036, bug27037, bug27039, bug27045, bug27062, bug27066,
	bug27067, bug27072.  [Mark Nodine, et al]

* Verilog::Language 2.380 2007-05-27

***	Added new Verilog-Perl.pod documentation overview.

***	Verilog::Parser and Verilog::SigParser objects must call the eof method
	to insure forward compatibility.

***	Vpm $info etc have been removed, now only $uinfo, etc are supported.
	This avoids conflict with SystemVerilog $error function.  [Tad Truex]

***	Verilog::Language keywords now uses the `begin_keywords standard names.

***	Added Verilog::Language::number_bitvector and number_bigint for returning
	Bit::Vector and Math::BigInt objects.  bug26967.  [Mark Nodine]

****	Fix --help to use Pod::Usage instead of depreciated pod2text.

****	Ignore quotes inside `protected/`endprotected blocks.

****	Drop end-of-file ctrl-Z's when preprocessing input.

* Verilog::Language 2.373 2007-04-02

***     Fix vppp breaking with Getopt::Long 2.36.  [Andreas J. K├Ânig]

****	Fix modules without any ports causing lost declarations.  [Mark Nodine]

* Verilog::Language 2.372 2007-02-28

***	Add include_open_nonfatal option to Preproc and Netlist.  [Eric Miller]

****	Fix bug24552; Verilog::Module::new_net now defaults net type
	to 'wire'. [Takeo Komiyama]

* Verilog::Language 2.371 2007-01-23

***	Fix bug24345; supply statements cause lint warnings.  [Jeff Trull]

* Verilog::Language 2.370 2007-01-10

***	Fix bug24248; reg/tri/supply* declarations, etc are now stored in Net
	structures as the declared type, instead of as 'wire'.  [Jeff Trull]

***	Fix bug13462; parse {} concatenations in pin connections. [Jeff Trull]

***	Remove backslashes in quoted symbols when they aren't needed.

****	Fix vpm deleting output when file moved between directories.

* Verilog::Language 2.361 2006-10-02

**	Attach Verilog comments to Netlist objects.  [Monte Becker]

***	Add parameters to Verilog::Parser instant callback.  [Monte Becker]

* Verilog::Language 2.360 2006-09-14

***	Added Preproc keep_whitespace=>0 option to delete whitespace.

***	Preprocessor now strips all DOS carrage returns.

***	Allow Verilog::Getopt::file_path to resolve module_dir and/or incdirs.
	Use only module_dir to resolve Netlist modules.  [by John Tseng]

****    Vrename --crypt now uses lower case random identifiers for readability.

****	Fix DOS carrage returns in multiline defines.  [Ralf Karge]

* Verilog::Language 2.352 2006-08-22

***	Fix compile errors under Cygwin.  [Mattan Tsachi]

* Verilog::Language 2.351 2006-06-08

***     Add vhier --language option.  [Sean Nazareth]

****	Fix Getopt::file_path when dir names match file names. [by John Tseng]

* Verilog::Language 2.350 2006-05-19

***	Vpm now emits $timeformat when passed the --timeformat-units switch.

***	SigParser and the Netlister now ignore function and task IOs.

****	Preproc line numbers being off due to multi-line defines.  [Mat Zeno]

****	Fix `include `DEFINE.

* Verilog::Language 2.341 2006-02-06

***	Add SystemVerilog `0, `1, `x, `z.  [John Tseng]

****	Fix module #() parameter declarations.  [Andy Kuo]

****	Fix "output reg" and "output wire" declarations.  [Andy Kuo]

* Verilog::Language 2.340 2006-01-16

***     Added vpm --minimum switch.

****	Added Verilog::Language::language_standard to allow setting
	which language standard (1995,2001,SystemVerilog) is used for keywords.

****	Fix vhier -o option. [Sean Nazareth]

****	Add vhier --modules and --missing-modules options. [Sean Nazareth]

* Verilog::Language 2.331 2005-10-05

***     Added vhier example program. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

* Verilog::Language 2.330 2005-09-06

***	vpm now aliases $error to $uerror, etc, to avoid conflict
	with SystemVerilog $error function.  [Tad Truex]

***	$uassert_info now uses __message_on. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

****	Fix preprocessor substitution of quoted parametrized defines.

* Verilog::Language 2.321 2005-08-03

***	Verilog::SigParser now sees cells inside generates.  [by Thomas Ziller]

* Verilog::Language 2.320 2005-07-27

***     Add vrename --cryptall option.

***     Fix Language is_keywords to match V2K language spec. [Mark Grossman]
	Deleted extern, makefile, supply.  Added ifnone, strength, unsigned.

****	Fix core dump when missing newline in `define.  [David van der bokke]

* Verilog::Language 2.316 2005-06-10

****	Fix define substitution with incomplete defines.  [by Ronald Dean Smith]

****	Fix C++ Comments causing Perl compile problems. [Merijn Brand]

* Verilog::Language 2.315 2005-03-16

****	Support for latest SystemC::Netlist version.

* Verilog::Language 2.314 2005-03-14

****	Support for latest SystemC::Netlist version.

* Verilog::Language 2.313 2005-03-01

***	Vrename no longer recurses into CVS or .svn directories.

***	Add specparam keyword. [Mark Grossman]

****	Add NC-Verilog, and Verilog::Parser tests.

* Verilog::Language 2.312 2005-02-04

***	Fix ignoring lines with same line number as end of last include.

* Verilog::Language 2.311 2005-01-27

***	Support parsing of signed numbers.  [Rudi Rughoonundon]

**** 	Fix resolve_filename misfinding directories. [John Tseng]

****    Fix Verilog::Getopt::get_parameters for NC-Verilog.

* Verilog::Language 2.310 2005-01-24

**	NEWS is now renamed Changes, to support CPAN indexing. [Offer Kaye]

**	Support Verilog 2001 ansi-style port declarations. [Rudi Rughoonundon]

**	Pins, nets, ports, and cells accessor methods now return lists
	rather than internal hash references.  This matches earlier
	documentation, and behavior of the pins_sorted, etc functions.

***	SigParser::module callback no longer gets list of ports, instead
	SigParser::port is called back on each port.

***	Add Verilog::GetOpt GCC -U<define> switch for undefining.

****	Support SUSE Linux and OS-X. [Jose Renau]

* Verilog::Language 2.303 2004-11-18

***	Add vpm --nopli for stripping $pli calls. [Mike Lopresti]

* Verilog::Language 2.302 2004-11-10

****	Support Verilog 2001 named instantiation parameters. [Thomas Ziller]

* Verilog::Language 2.301 2004-10-26

****	Fix pod documentation errors. [Offer Kaye]

* Verilog::Language 2.300 2004-04-01

**	Added vppp preprocessor command.

**	Preprocessor is now Verilog 2001 and SystemVerilog 3.1 compliant.
	Adds arguments to defines, and `include <> syntax.

**	Added SystemVerilog 3.1 keywords to Verilog::Language

**	Added vrename --keywords and recursion on directory arguments.

***	Added to SigParser::module callback "$in_celldefine" 4th argument.
	Netlist::File sets $module->is_libcell() either if the file is a
	library or the module is within "`celldefine ... `endcelldefine".

***	Added to Verilog::Netlist (metacomment=>{ firstWord=>val, ... })
	argument.  For each comment that begins with at least two words,
	Verilog::SigParser calls back attribute() if the first word has a
	true value in %metacomment.

***	Module::attrs_sorted() now returns a list of "category name[ =]..."
	strings from metacomments between "module" and the first declaration.

****	(Verilog::Preproc receives the list of metacomment keywords but
	does not yet filter the comments for speed.)

****	Fixed ` substitution inside define value strings.

* Verilog::Language 2.232 2004-03-10

***	Fix newline insertion in vpm $info messages.

* Verilog::Language 2.231 2004-01-27

****	Documentation fixes.

* Verilog::Language 2.230 2003-10-02

**	Vpm has been changed to use Verilog standard flags.
	Vpm will no longer recurse all directories, instead it now accepts
	+incdir+, -v or -f flags as would a regular simulator, and
	preprocesses all files found.

**	Added Netlist::verilog_text for writing netlists. [Phillip Prentice]

***	Added Cell/Port/Pin::delete methods for editing netlists.

***	Added Netlist::top_modules_sorted method.

***	In Netlist, read in library files if cell not found. [John Potter]

***	Fix SigParser dropping 1'b0/1'b1 pins. [John Potter]

***	In vpm, support $error({"concatenate ","string"}); [Ray Strouble]

****	In vpm, fix comments and line numbering in asserts. [Ray Strouble]

****	Fix detection of wire assignments. [David Duxstad]

* Verilog::Language 2.226 2003-08-19

****	GCC 3.3 fixes

* Verilog::Language 2.225 2003-08-12

***	Have Getopt::parameter return unknown arguments from
	inside -f files.  [David Duxstad]

***	Change assert_amone/onehot to use faster equation
	in place of case statement. [Greg Waters]

****	Add tri/tri0/tri1 as wire declarative terms. [David Duxstad]

****	Redhat 9 and GCC 3.2.2 fixes

* Verilog::Language 2.224 2003-05-20

**	Add order based pin/cell connections.  [by David Duxstad]

* Verilog::Language 2.222 2003-03-06

****	Support instantiations with multiple cell names. [Bruce Nepple]

****	Support uppercase radix letters.  [Wilson Li]

* Verilog::Language 2.221 2003-03-04

****	Fix missing example.cpp file

* Verilog::Language 2.220 2003-02-06

***	Support primitives as if they were modules.  [Bruce Nepple]

***	The link_read_nonfatal=>1 netlist option will prevent missing
	modules from being errors during link.  [Bruce Nepple]

***	Add Verilog::Parser support for `protected. [Scott Bleiweiss]

****	Update documentation & Netlist example.  [Bruce Nepple]

* Verilog::Language 2.220 2002-12-27

****	Solaris perl 5.005_03 LD error fixed.  [Mark Moe]
	Solaris note about FILE_OFFSET_BITS.  [Simon Curry]

****	GCC 3.2 use std compile errors fixed. [Eugene Weber]

* Verilog::Language 2.214 2002-10-21

***	Pickup input msb & lsb's.  [Joel Earl]

****	Fix inclusion of x's in $assert_onehot for verilator. [Ray Strouble]

* Verilog::Language 2.213 2002-09-05

****	Support Cygwin (Windows) installations.  [Richard Dje]

* Verilog::Language 2.212 2002-08-30

***	Fix pin concatenations to not create false pins. [Kenneth Jiang]
	Concatenations are now just ignored; there is still no way to track
	pin interconnects where different bus bits end up interconnected

* Verilog::Language 2.211 2002-08-19

***	If Verilog::Getopt list accessors are passed a reference,
	set the entire list to the reference, rather than adding a element.

* Verilog::Language 2.210 2002-08-08

****	Cleanups to support GNU Bison 1.35

****	Minor changes for SystemC support

* Verilog::Language 2.200 2002-05-03

***	Many fixes to vrename --crypt, including fixing `timescale,
	comments, and replacement of strings.  [Greg Davis]

****	Fixed vpm $asserts dropping extra newlines. [Greg Waters]

****	Fixed `define substitution bug.

* Verilog::Language 2.100 2002-03-11

**	Installation now requires GCC/G++ and Flex.

**	Added Verilog::Preproc, a Verilog 2001 Preprocessor.
	Verilog::Netlist now uses this preprocessor by default.

****	Fixed bug with vrename --crypt not working.  [Greg Davis]

****	Fixed bug with vrename and \ quoted signals.  [Greg Davis]

* Verilog::Language 2.010 2001-11-16

***	Added netlist interconnectivity checks.

* Verilog::Language 2.000 2001-09-17

**	Added the Verilog::Netlist package.
	This allows for simple scripts to extract pins, module
	hierarchy, etc from interconnected Verilog files.

***	Added Parser reset() method for clearing parse states
	for new files.  [Joe Panec]

* Verilog::Language 1.15 2001-10-25

**	Added $assert_req_ack for checking simple handshakes.

**	Added --nostop, and made --stop be the default.
	This adds a $stop to $warn and $error, which is easier
	for new users to understand as no pli.v is required.

* Verilog::Language 1.14 2001-09-17

***	Fixed bug when endmodule/endtask/endfunction have
	no trailing ;.  [Darren Jones]

***	Added Verilog 2001 keywords to Verilog::Language.

* Verilog::Language 1.13 2001-05-17

***	Added Verilog::Getopt::get_parameter() function.

***	Added Verilog::Getopt::file_abs() function.

***	Added missing keywords to Verilog::Language:
	deassign disable extern highz0 highz1 large medium pull0
	pull1 release scalared small strong0 strong1 weak0 weak1

* Verilog::Language 1.12 2001-05-15

**	Added new Verilog::Getopt, for standard option parsing.

* Verilog::Language 1.11 2001-03-31

***	Fixed \net### hang in Parser.  [Mark Lakata]

* Verilog::Language 1.10 2001-03-15

***	Fixed line number being incorrect in Parser.  [Alan Heinold]

* Verilog::Language 1.9 2001-02-13

**	Added Verilog::Language::is_compdirect.  [Darren Jones]

* Verilog::Language 1.7 2000-11-02

**	Added parametric module support to  [Darren Jones]

****	Fixed bug where // comments with no following text broke.
	[Darren Jones]

* Verilog::Language 1.6 2000-09-07

**	Added the vpm preprocessor

****	Fixed bug where missing end-quote would hang Verilog::Parser

* Verilog::Language 1.5 2000-05-22

**	Allowed non-numerics in bus subscripts
	[Alan.Heinold, SUN]

***	Fixed bug where lines with just a newline would boggle the linecount.

* Verilog::Language 1.4 2000-01-21

**** added
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