0.09 2013-08-24
 - Moved objects to Moo
 - Moved database to SQLite for easier installation
 - Changed database interface to DBIx-Class
 - Eliminated information from database that can be deduced from the file
 - Only one file per movie
 - Eliminated ContentManager
 - Added scripts to import the schedule from a CSV file
 - Simplified should_be_playing() to just "if something should be playing
   now, play it"
 - Eliminated the "wait list". Before, if movie Foo was scheduled to be
   played, and movie Bar was still playing, we would try to play movie Foo
   after Bar was done playing and there was enough time to do so. Now movie
   Bar is simply skipped.

0.08 2013-06-27
 - Reenabled most scheduler.t tests
 - Removed misuse of UNIVERSAL::isa
 - Switched to dzil and git

0.07 2008-01-12
 - Added POD docs for AVFile
 - Changed Movie getTitle() to get_title and added quote overload
 - Fixed logging in player test (which we skip, but still)
 - Updated to match changes to Xine interface
 - Pulled out the Player EventWheel into its own class
 - Eliminated the whole PlayerBackEnd idea, since it wasn't being used
 - Documented AVFile
 - Eliminated AbstractListable superclass, since we currently have only one
   kind of Listable thing
 - Inlined the X_DISPLAY constant in Player
 - Eliminated Listable interface, since we have only one kind of Listable

0.06 2008-01-09
 - Documented configuration in Video::PlaybackMachine::Config
 - Refactored much of playback_machine.pl into run() method on V::PM object
 - Added better general description of PlaybackMachine to V::PM docs
 - Added new --no-daemonize option
 - Set up default config file to use '${HOME}' rather than hardcoded to my
   home directory, and otherwise genericized
 - Moved script installation to Makefile.PL; eliminated install.sh

0.05 2008-01-07
 - Moved "Changes" to "ChangeLog"
 - Enabled expansions in configuration file
 - Inlined Log4perl configuration file
 - Added explicit OID to sql
 - Started to re-create mock session
 - Removed log files from dist

0.04 2007-12-23
 - Skipped failing tests - Eliminated all references to development
 - Moved logging initialization to config file and Config module
 - Cleaned up for RPM packaging

0.03 2005-06-12
 - Moved all magic constants to configuration file
 - Separated/centralized database access

0.02 2005-06-03
 - Initial public release

0.01 2003-07-06
 - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -AX -n