Revision history for Perl module W3C::LogValidator
$Id: Changes,v 1.29 2008/11/21 14:53:32 ot Exp $

1.5 [2017-08-24]
  - resolved sample module naming conflict, per request from PAUSE

1.4 [2008-11-21]
  - patch for perl 5.10 support, courtesy of Colm Dougan
  - CSS and HTML validation modules now only take into consideration resources which actually exist
    counting only the HTTP 200 status code entries, when status code is available
  - When the log format includes HTTP methods used, keep only the resources accessed via HTTP GET
  - Adding ExcludeHosts option to filter our log records originating from (a) specific host(s) or IP address(es)
    patches courtesy of Martin B. Smith

1.3.1 [2008-05-28]
  - removed macos-specific files which tend to trip up some systems.
    No Functional Changes.

1.3 [2008-05-27]
  - removed dependencies to some currently broken perl modules. No Functional Changes.

1.2 [2007-09-10]
  - clean tarball - similar in feature to 1.1

1.1 [2007-09-05]
  - adding options for the HTML and CSS Validator modules to show which
    of the valid, invalid and other (non validable) documents should be listed
    in the final report. As a result, one can decide only to list the top
    valid, top invalid, or all documents with their validation status, etc.
  - supporting additional log format used by e.g squid revers proxy
  - adding ExcludeCGI option to switch on of off filtering of URIs
    with query strings, e.g
  - fixing the "Basic" (counting the most popular resource) module
    for input formats which do not include the HTTP response code
  - bug fixes for LinkReferer module

1.06  [2006-06-23]
	- first version LinkReferer module tracks top referers for 4xx/5xx resources
	- limiting results of Basic module to actual resources

1.05 [2006-01-18]
	- "safe pipe open" patch for link checker (courtesy of Slaven Rezic)

1.04 [2006-01-16]
	- improved detection of link checker program for eponymous module
	  (patch submitted by Slaven Rezic)

1.03 [2006-01-13]
	- making dependency to link checker less strict
	- documenting how to enable the linkchecker module

1.02 [2006-01-06]
	- fixing a broken dependency

1.01 [2005-09-10]
	- fixing list of required modules

1.0 [2005-09-09]
	- adding Link Checker module
	- updated SurveyEngine Module
	- bug fixes
	- documentation improvements

0.5 [2004-11-10]
	- adding "QuietIfNoReport" option.
	If this option is set, the LogValidator skips reports
	where the details table is empty (nothing to validate, or nothing invalid)

0.4.1 [2004-09-08]
	- minor documentation fixes

0.4 [2004-09-06]
	- improved test suite
	- improved API documentation (pod)
	- add option with regexps of areas / documents to ignore
	- minor fixes / typos corrected

0.3 [2004-06-08]
	- adding CSSValidator Module
	- Adding (experimental) SurveyEngine Module
	- adding support for "w3" log format
	- changed output for clearer display of results
	- added an option to set the From: address in Output::Mail
	- the LogValidator now checks for the actual Content-Type of documents with no extension (format negociated)

0.2 [2003-05-19]
	- adding support to "plain" log format to process simple lists of URIs
	- improved HTML output

0.1.1 [2003-05-08]
	- mostly packaging and documentation issues

0.1 [2003-04-14]
	- first stable release

0.1.beta2 [2003-04-01]
	- modularized output, with "console output" as default, e-mail and HTML output available
	- mechanism to avoid parsing too long logfiles

0.1beta1 [2002-08-28]
	- This first version has 2 modules, Basic and HTMLValidator