v0.004    2012-01-08
  - Thanks to TOBYINK++ for pointing out that application/xhtml+xml is the 
    correct way to accept text/xhtml.
  - Thanks to the.tuxster++ for submitting a patch to allow for a 'follow_ok'
    callback to be called for each link found within a response.
  - Thanks to bart++ from PerlMonks.org for pointing out that using HTML::LinkExtor
    for parsing the links in a page is a much better approach than a simple regexp.

v0.003    2010-09-10
  - Using WWW::RobotRules is great, as long as you remove extra newlines before parsing.

v0.002    2010-07-01
  - Updated Makefile.PL to correct prerequisites.
  - Fixed META.yml

v0.001    2010-07-01
  - Initial release.
  - Works just fine as far as I can tell.