Change history for WWW::DanDomain

Project change log:

0.08 2014-08-28, bug fix release, updated not required

- Upgraded license from Artistic 1.0 to Artistic 2.0

- Migrated build system from Module::Build to Dist::Zilla

- Addressed Github issue #1, eliminating use of explicit use of UNIVERSAL

0.07 2014-08-23, maintenance release, updated not required

- Added specification of Perl requirement as 5.8 as pointed out
  by Perl::Critic

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the
  Changes file see also DAND-10 [DAND-11]

0.06 2013-07-24, maintenance release, updated not required

- Fixed up Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to
  the standard described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [DAND-10]


0.05 2011-04-17, Feature release, updated not required

- Introducing new parameter to constructor, providing more
  flexibility in interacting with the class [DAND-8]

0.04 2010-02-21, Bug fix release, updated not required

- Addressing failing test report

    - i386-freebsd / 5.10.1:
    - FAIL

0.03 2010-02-20, Maintenance release, updated not required

- Implemented handling of DanDomain access scenario where
  authentication credentials are not needed, since authorization
  is based on IP validation (feature with DanDomain)

- Improved error handling

0.02 2009-09-16, Minor release feature/bug fix release, update not required

- Fixed dependencies, WWW::Mechanize was not listed, so smoke
  tests were failing

- First shot at caching using WWW::Mechanize::Cached

0.01 2009-06-15

- First version, to be released on an unsuspecting world.