Fixed rt.cpan.org#123087: add IO::Socket::SSL as dependency.


dict.leo.org now forces SSL via Cloudflare, we follow suit.


Fixed rt.cpan.org#119714 rt.cpan.org#120563 and https://github.com/TLINDEN/leo/pull/1:
We're now implementing the XML interface, since the HTML interface
is no longer available. Many thanks to Roland Hieber for the help!

Fixed DB_File loading, now more portable.


fixed rt.cpan.org#118472.


Fixed error handling, added sample code for module usage.


Fix POD.


Better tabluar output (better column calc). However, russian
grapheme length is still wrong.


Generalized lang parsing and passing to dict.leo.org, which
also adds support for new languages like ru, ch or pl. Thanks
to J.A.Eichler.


not logged, sorry.


fixed rt.cpan.org#91464: disable caching if DB_File is not found.


fixed rt.cpan.org#92944, missed translations. The problem was,
that the pda.leo.org uses a differnt number of tables depending
on the translation. So, now we just fetch all tables (2-4) and
ignore those which are not translations (forum posts or empty cells).

Applied patch rt.cpan.org#92914 (POD locale encoding).


fixed rt.cpan.org#92679, the site url and table structure


applied patch rt.cpan.org#35543, which fixes handling
of utf8 terminals.

fixed rt.cpan.org#84196 using the suggested changes.

applied patch rt.cpan.org#86641, spelling fixes.


Switched to use pda.leo.org, which is easier to parse,
faster to load and seems not change that often.


Oh, if a search only returns one section, nothing have been
returned. This was a bug which has been fixed.


Replaced handcrafted html parser by HTML::TableParser module.
It was over seven years old, so time has come. The new parsing
should now be much more stable and catch most, if not all,
tinkering on dict.leo.org.

The organization of the array of hashes returned by ::translate()
has changed. Take a look at the example in the pod or view the
supplied 'leo' script how to use it.


Fixed strange packaging bug.

Fixed yet another parsing bug (there are now titles formatted different than
other titles, damn).

Changed default translation direction to 0, so that dict.leo.org determines
automatically the direction to use.


Fixed dict.leo.org siteupdates (back to stoneage: they added some
invalid html again).


Fixed bug in leo script, it did not load WWW::Dict::Leo::Org but just
Org, which I did during development, but which doesn't work after

Updated the version in leo script to 1.30 too.


Added changelog entry for 1.28 (actually I forgot it)

Added documentation for the methods of the module (forgotten too)


Transformed the script into a installable perl module. 'leo'
itself still exists but uses now this module for the actual
translation job. The perl module WWW::Dict::Leo::Org can
be used from perl scipts and applications for translation.


fixed site updates on dict.leo.org - hey, they finally fixed some faulty html
which in fact caused parse errors in the script.

changed the default user agent to a some more recent one.


bugfix - removed gzip accept header.


fixed latest site update, they added javascript
popup-links. Thanks to Sylvia for the hint.


bugfix: last patch didn't work with proxy.


fixed latest site update (lang must be part of the cgi
url, for whatever reason). Thanks to Tobi Werth for the


added more translation options (-l):

 - en (used so far as the default), leo.org: en<->de
 - fr, leo.org: fr<->de
 - fr2de
 - de2fr

if no string is given as input, stdin will be read (one line)
instead; if stdout is not connected to a tty, no escape chars will
be used, e.g.:

 echo "attention" | leo -l fr | grep acht

This allows leo to be used for scripting or something, you
may imagine yourself the possibilities.

added proxy authentication support.

added a section about proxy to the man-page.


added -d flag to get debugging informations.

fixed parser bug, which occured under some rare circumstances.


applied patch by almaric, which reflects latest site changes.

the user agent can now be configured in the config file.


once more, they changed the site design (and - btw - it contains
still HTML failures!).


reflection of DICT site changes.


there's a "more Examples..." link on the bottom of doct.leo.org
if the query returned too many examples. leo did not properly
respond to this, which is fixed now. But: leo does *not* fetch
the pending examples at the moment!


reflection of DICT site changes.
new html parser code, seems to be more stable against site changes,
I think.



added cache feature.

added manpage, install Makefile and README file.

reflection of DICT site changes.

revision 1.12
date: 2002/07/22 20:03:17;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +131 -15
added some commandline options to reflect some new dict.leo.org features
revision 1.11
date: 2002/07/18 19:11:58;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -3
applied patch by Thomas Glanzmann <sithglan@stud.uni-erlangen.de>,
which fixes "no result" parsing
revision 1.10
date: 2002/07/17 20:56:52;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +11 -9
updated 4 new leo (july/2002)
revision 1.9
date: 2001/09/21 17:19:31;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +31 -10
added proxy support to leo
revision 1.8
date: 2001/06/21 23:42:17;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +5 -5
revision 1.7
date: 2001/06/05 21:16:24;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +19 -6
fixed: returns now an error, if leo did not find a match
added: we are now advertising us as Konqueror :-)
revision 1.6
date: 2001/05/26 01:48:36;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +6 -2
added copyright message
revision 1.5
date: 2001/05/24 21:17:34;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +19 -7
removed call to lynx, use IO::Socket from now on!
revision 1.4
date: 2001/05/24 01:39:25;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
added alphabetical sorting
revision 1.3
date: 2001/05/24 01:33:22;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
changed bold to blue
revision 1.2
date: 2001/05/24 01:15:33;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
initial submit
revision 1.1
date: 2001/05/24 01:14:32;  author: scip;  state: Exp;
branches:  1.1.1;
Initial revision
date: 2001/05/24 01:14:32;  author: scip;  state: Exp;  lines: +0 -0
scripts entered into cvs