Version 1.19 - 19th February 2006
    + Added EXPORTS section to POD

    + Fixed unit test to run Test::Pod::Coverage
      code instead of the Test::Pod module which
      was what it was incorrectly running before

    + Changed to build with Module::Build from
      svn instead of cvs repository

Version 1.18 - 7th January 2006
    + Added Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage
      unit tests

Version 1.17 - 31st December 2005
    + Typoed SYNOPSYS in the POD.

    + Added more stuff in to the examples/
      directory in the distribution tarball.

Version 1.16 - 30th December 2005
    + Forgot to add the unit test files to the
      MANIFEST. Added them now so they get shipped
      in the distrobution.

Version 1.15 - 30th December 2005
    + Only output warning about invalid image format
      if perl warnings are enabled.

    + Added $ua->proxy_env to allow http proxies to
      be picked up from users environment if

    + Added maximum download size limit of 250Kb to
      avoid accidental krufty spammage of memory.

Version 1.14 - 30th December 2005
    + Fixed an uninitialised variable warning that
      occurs if the LWP request for URL fails with
      a timeout.

Version 1.13 - 30th December 2005
    + Changed license to Apache 2.0

Version 1.11 - 29th December 2005
    + Complete rewrite so this module is no longer
      a complete pile of rubbish. See the old tarball
      in the old/ directory for the old change log

    + The interface and functionality has completely