Revision history for Perl extension WWW::IndexParser.

0.91  Mon Jun 23 11:51:00 2008
	- Dont carp/warn on failure yo et index unless debug is turned on.

0.8   Sun Nov 19 12:15:00 2006
	- Correct bug with status_line() in

0.7   Mon Nov 13 00:14:00 2006
	- Add support for lighttpd ( thanks to the patch at:
	  with thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
	- Removed the tests that request content from remote servers to 
	  limit information disclosure (damned if you do, damned if you don't)
	- Acnowledge contribution from 'srezic' on AnnoCPAN: 
	  "Note that it is also possible to read standard Apache indexes 
	   with the File::Listing module, which is bundled in libwww, 
	   though it is not documented at all"

0.5.1 Sun Sep 24 18:55:00 2006
	- Correct a missing 'if defined $self->time' in WWW::IndexParser::Entry

0.5   Sat Sep 23 23:10:00 2006
	- Correct parsing of Apache autoindex to not miss the final 
	  entry in the list!
	- Add support for passing 'debug => 1' in the contstructor method 
	  (new()) so we can get debug output from the module
	- Get WWW::IndexParser::Entry to print the file's time when 
	  being coerced to a string using print().
	- Realise the Version number in the Changes file is not the 
	  Version number in the module (off by a factor of 10).
	- This release is dedicated to Peter Trevor Holland, RIP.

0.04  Tue Jun 06 21:21:00 2006
	- Correct time handling for 12 hour formats converting to ctime
	- Correct handling of Content-Type being returned as an array

0.03  Tue, Aug 30 12:19:40 2005
	- Correct URL parsing in WWW::IndexParser::Entry: url() method was 
	  rejecting some valid URLs.

0.02  Thu, Aug 25 19:42:20 2005
	- Support IIS and Tomcat style auto indexes.
	- Correct Dependencies

0.01  Tue Jul 19 00:27:35 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX WWW::IndexParser