1.000     2018-09-17 19:08:03 EDT
  - Support 'realm' protocol parameter (not included in signature base string)
    as per RFC 5849.
  - Added request_with_p method to Mojo request wrapper.

0.006     2016-12-09 23:46:25 EST
  - Improve the default oauth_nonce algorithm to provide better uniqueness
  - Removed dependency on MIME::Base64
  - The signature_method attribute now accepts 'RSA-SHA1' and custom signature
    methods, but for these signature methods a coderef must be provided to the
    new signer attribute. RSA-SHA1 signers can no longer be passed directly as

0.005     2016-12-08 22:49:18 EST
  - No longer move parameters starting with oauth_ to the Authorization header
    from the query or body parameters; the only modification to the request is
    to add the Authorization header itself, as per the spec. Custom oauth_
    parameters should be passed directly to the authenticate or
    authorization_header methods rather than in query or body parameters, so
    they can be properly sent in the header.
  - Removed the remove_query_params and remove_body_params methods from the
    WWW::OAuth::Request role as they are no longer needed.
  - Added authorization_header method that returns the Authorization header
    value instead of setting it in the request.

0.004     2016-11-23 17:29:28 EST
  - Use WWW::Form::UrlEncoded to implement utility functions form_urlencode and form_urldecode

0.003     2016-05-19 00:35:49 EDT
  - Use Test::TCP for author tests
  - Use Test::Needs in place of Test::Requires for optional test dependencies

0.002     2016-01-31 23:22:14 EST
  - Allow RSA-SHA1 signature method to be specified as a coderef
  - Update dependencies and checks to fix test failures

0.001     2016-01-31 02:53:01 EST
  - First release