Revision history for WWW-PAUSE-CleanUpHomeDir

0.004   2013-11-08
        - Fixed broken tests
        - Moved release tests to xt/

0.003   2013-10-26
        - Added use of HTTPS by default
          with an option to revert back to HTTP

0.002   2013-10-25
        - Fixed "Changes" file to comply with CPAN::Changes::Spec
        - Applied version sorting patch from Steven 'SHARYANTO' Haryanto
        - Added minimum perl version in the requirements
        - Fixed Test::Kwalitee to be run only with RELEASE_TESTING
        - Added a LICENSE file to comply with experimental
          Kwalitee CPANTS game

0.001   2007-03-17
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.