Revision history for Perl extension WWW-PGXN.

0.12.4  2013-11-06T05:56:15Z
      - Removed the Pod tests from the distribution.
      - Fixed user agent string so it actually includes the version number.
        This prevents nginx from returning a 400 response.

0.12.3  2012-11-28T01:09:09Z
      - Updated URI::Template to v0.16 for its support for `{+var}` and
        dropped the nasty hack required to work around the lack of it in
        earlier versions.
      - Fixed test failure on Perl 5.17 due to hash order randomization.

0.12.2  2011-08-10T17:25:27
      - Require URI::Template 0.15.

0.12.1  2011-05-12T18:11:02
      - Fixed test failures on Windows.
      - Support Perl 5.10 and higher. Tests were failing on 5.8.

0.12.0  2011-04-29T21:50:27
      - Initial public release on CPAN.