Revision history for Perl module WWW::Patent::Page and its submodules

0.107.0 August 2009
	-removed all traces of ESPACE_EP due to captcha implementation

0.106.0 ~ October 2008
	-added method "request" in to override LWP; allow debugging, retrying
	-set sights on Open Patent Services version 2 xml/soap services.

0.105.1 finished Apr 2008
	-added module for JPO machine translations to English
		this website is often not responsive, so watch out.
	-added www and command line example of use for translations
	-gave in example/ the type of html output for translations
	-removed tests for pod, pod coverage, and Perl::Critic from distribution
		tests still used in development
	-update TODO

0.104.0 started ~ Nov 15, 2007
	-changed MICROPATENT to account for standard and special collection PDF
	-added 3 tests to US2323935 to test for MICROPATENT special collection

0.103.1 finished Oct 30 2007
	-corrected bad use of %passed_parms and %passed_parm
	-added test that diagnosed correction immediately above

0.102.0 finished August 2007
	-polled micropatent pdf to give time to get the stuff ready 
	-added a new "document" type to MICROPATENT, called "data" (versus "pdf", "html", etc.) from the "worksheet" they provide, that delivers a hash of data about the patent (inventors, assignee, citations, claims, etc.) 
	-increased File::Temp version to 0.17 to account for ->seek method 
	-returned HTTP::Response -like objects in various places where they should be... whoops 
0.101.0 finished Aug 2007
	-commented out two "close" statements on File::Temp objects in USPTO_pdf method of USPTO class; I think these could be closed after the files are accessed, but going for minimal changes.  This may make a memory leak, so let me know.
	-improved critic test in looking for TEST_AUTHOR
0.100.0 finished Feb 2007
	-three part release number requires installing "" distribution (sorry about that...)
	-rewrote the parser of "patent numbers"- method 'parse_doc_id'
	-changed some tests to be consistent with parser, which now leaves the doc_id alone and parses into separate values like country, kind, type
	-added further testing of patent number parser
	-added Perl::Critic testing (with some exclusions, and only used when you are me )
	-added test of network accessibility (basically for firewalls)
	-got rid of some warnings that wrote over testing
	-made pod testing conditional on being me- so others will not need to add modules for testing
	-added many two-letter country codes

	TODO -  use HTTP::Response, better use of "is_success" and "message", more tests
	 Longer range:  Add modules for machine translations from Japan and Korea
	 timing of patent retrieval from various offices
	 test coverage

0.09 (beginning Nov 14) tried to account for Micropatent javascript that refreshes document delivery page until document is delivered.
    Did not add a test for this condition, as the condition (slowness) depends on MicroPatent website.
	Accounted for it by repeatedly clicking the "Click Here for Current Status of Order" form, assumed to be the first form on the page.

0.08 removed extraneous print statements

0.07 changed tests for MicroPatent to skip if username and password not supplied
  put in a longer timeout for LWP::UserAgent to allow for slow patent offices

0.06 added to use that source: pdf, xml, html

0.05 use PDF::API2 2.00
	USPTO changed their interface: H1,523 is out, H001,523 is in!
	    PP8,901 is out, PP08,901 is in!

USPTO: All patent numbers must be seven characters in length, excluding commas, which are optional. Examples:
Utility -- 	5,146,634 6923014 0000001
Design -- 	D339,456 D321987 D000152
Plant -- 	PP08,901 PP07514 PP00003
Reissue -- 	RE35,312 RE12345 RE00007
Defensive Publication -- 	T109,201 T855019 T100001
Statutory Invention Registration -- 	H001,523 H001234 H000001
Re-examination -- 	RX29,194 RE29183 RE00125
Additional Improvement -- 	AI00,002 AI000318 AI00007

0.04 added USPTO_pdf: pdf delivery for USPTO
     uses File::Temp for save handling of temporary files
     added tempdir to specify working directory
     Thanks to H. Schier

     Added Test::Pod to pass Pod for Kwalitee- Wanda

0.03 Major Changes:
	error reporting, sanity checks

0.02 Major Changes:
	underlying logic made closer to LWP::UserAgent + HTTP::Response
	changed some defaults
	used PDF::API2 to produce multipage patent from EPO
	include example scripts; one for command line, one for cgi-bin

0.01 Sun Feb 20 21:19:42 2005
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.32