Revision history for WWW-Purolator-TrackingInfo

1.0105  2014-01-18
        - Improved the return value to handle the 'Tracking system
          currently unvailable' error
        - Improved the tests to actually FAIL the tests, unless the
          error is a Network error or Trac. Sys. Cur. Unavailable error.

1.0104  2014-01-18
        - Doubled up the test, since I can obtain new tracking numbers
          by the handful; makes sense to test more.

1.0103  2014-01-18
        - Fixed a broken test

1.0102  2014-01-17
        - Forgot to fix up/update the Changes file in the previous upload

1.001   2014-01-17
        - Made the module work again
        - API changed entirely, due to the website changes by Purolator

0.0101  2009-09-17
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.