Revision history for WWW-Search-AOL

0.0107  2015-12-30
    - Skip failing tests.

0.0106  2015-12-28
    - Update away from old E-mail address.

0.0105  2015-05-31
    - Add VCS Repository in META.yml/META.json.

0.0104  2014-04-29
    - configure_requires and requires to minimal perl version (CPANTS).
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t and t/style-trailing-space.t

0.0103  2009-03-25
    - Updated to the recent markup as returned by
    - Updated to the recent UTF-8 handling of WWW::Search, and now
    depending on it in Build.PL.

0.0102  2006-05-06
    More searches with no results fixes.

0.0101  2006-05-02
    Fixed handling searches with no results.

0.0100  2006-04-21
    First version, released on an unsuspecting world. Works from what
    I tested. Skeleton for this module was derived from WWW-Search-MSN,
    which is an earlier module for searching by the same