2007-08-11    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* various: improved pod coverage

2007-06-27    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (parse_tree): ignore advertised links; fix result-count parser

2007-05-20    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* use strict in all modules

2004-04-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/News.pm: handle new HTML page format

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm: handle new HTML page format

2004-02-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/News.pm (parse_tree): use count_pattern()

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (count_pattern): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/Web.pm: add $VERSION

2004-02-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (parse_tree): fixed undef error(s)

2004-01-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (parse_tree): FIX urls being absolutized wrong

2004-01-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_setup_search): FIX _qr_count pattern; FIX use Date::Manip; clean up old code

2003-12-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_setup_search): add . to result-count patterns (thanks to Andre Halama)

2003-11-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/News.pm (parse_tree): new method

	* t/de.t: add content tests; call env_proxy()
	* t/news.t: add content tests; call env_proxy()

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm: re-write parser using HTML::Tree

	* t/altavista.t (my_engine): new file

2003-07-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/DE.pm: new backend (thanks to Dmitry Katsubo)

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): tweak result-count patterns for www.altavista.de

2003-03-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/News.pm (native_setup_search): new search URL

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix parsing of NEXT link; ignore image links

2003-01-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (gui_query): new method
	(native_setup_search): new URL options
	(native_retrieve_some): parse new output format

2002-08-21  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): bail out if page says 0 hits

2002-08-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/AdvancedWeb.pm (native_setup_search): new CGI options

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): update for slightly changed output format

2002-07-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/NL.pm: delete un-parsable email from bottom of file

2002-03-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* test.pl: all tests pass

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): correctly parse result list of length one

2002-02-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/AdvancedWeb.pm (native_retrieve_some): unescape URL
	(native_retrieve_some): BUGFIX for undefined $hit (?)

2001-12-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): unescape URL

2001-11-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/Intranet3.pm: new backend supplied by Peter von Burg

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): do not use URI::URL
	(native_setup_search): reorder CGI args for Intranet3.pm

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/AdvancedWeb.pm (native_retrieve_some): do not use URI::URL

2001-10-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): BUGFIX for death when seeing (bogus) description without a URL
	(native_retrieve_some): FIX for getting count of News results

2001-07-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* FIRST RELEASE outside of the WWW::Search distribution