Changes for WWW-UsePerl-Journal

0.26    2015-02-14
        - added resources to META files.
        - created GitHub repositories.

0.25    2012-08-31
        - created connected() method.
        - removed test library.
        - removed Carp as a prerequisite.

0.24    2012-08-26
        - is now read only. 
        - removed features & tests
        - rewritten to work with current URLs
        - removed License files from distro.
        - Artistic License v2 now sole license.
        - spelling fixes. (thanks to Nicholas Bamber, Florian Schlichting & 
          Gregor Herrmann).
        - added minimum perl version (5.006).
        - reworked Makefile.PL for clarity.
        - implemented Perl::Critic suggestions.
        - added META.json
        - change file dates changed to meet W3CDTF standards.

0.23    2009-11-06
        - added PingTest to test suite in order to check whether a network 
          connection is available.

0.22    2008-09-29
        - patch by Dave Rolsky to fix the login code, to match recent updates 
          to (RT#38998 - thanks Dave).
        - updated optional tests.
        - closed security risk in entrytitled (RT#37177 - thanks Yanick)

0.21    2007-11-07
        - updated date testing to try and capture problems CPAN testers are
        - updated an entry test in the event no content is returned.

0.20    2007-11-07
        - username or userid MUST be provided to new().
        - added debug() method to turn internal debugging on or off.
        - internal function _journalsearch_content renamed to _recent_content().
        - added debug testing script.

0.19    2007-11-05
        - fixed user names with other characters in aside from \w.
        - rewrote the the recent list testing, as posts can appear between
        - missing entries can have to 2 different error messages, depending
          upon context.
        - added futher diagnostics in the event of errors.
        - reversed login checks, now assumes failure unless validated.

0.18    2007-11-04
        - changed constants to variable due to suprious errors from 
        - added raw() functions for debugging purposes.
        - changed date processing slightly, hopefully this finally fixes those
          errors. (thanks to Andreas and Slaven for the feedback)

0.17    2007-10-31
        - Still getting CPAN Tester failures :( It looks like use.perl is
          timing out, as it's unable to reference the test users (russell and 
          147 (koschei)). The tests now skip, reporting the error, so I can
          keep an eye on it.
        - More error reporting in tests if results not as expected, so that
          CPAN Testers reports can hopefully identify specific problems.

0.16    2007-03-14
        - relaxed date testing, as timezones can affect the date/time value

0.15    2007-03-05
        - fixed several test bugs, including the date parsing issues.
        - WUJ::Post->new() now takes a hash as it states in the docs.
        - Rewrote some of the internals so they correctly cache results. 
        - Bit of an overhaul of the code so that underlying Entry objects are 
          returned more appropriate, with the caller able to access the Entry
          methods more directly. 
        - Error handling rewritten so the modules don't fail under pressure,
          just return undef and set an $j->error().
        - has had a fresh look and form completion has been updated.
        - Lots more testing, including developer only tests (not included).
        - Handwritten META.yml to conform to current specs.
        - Changed all instances of LICENCE to LICENSE.
        - Added META.yml test script.
        - Added LICENSE file.
        - Renamed the contrib directory to examples.
        - POD/README updates.
        - Devel::Cover - 93.3% (including developer only tests)

0.14    2005-09-22
        - updated journal post code (RT #4718)
        - added refresh() method to clear the cache
        - removed 22post.t so use.perl isn't bombarded with testing :)

0.13    2005-07-22
        - use.perl layout changes (inc Simon Wilcox - RT #13748)
        - refactored test scripts
        - refactored journal post code
        - Added more test scripts

0.12    2005-04-05
        - New maintainer - Barbie
        - Added sort patch from many eons ago
        - Updated tests to reflect changes to use.perl
        - Added more test scripts

0.11    2003-01-24T15:11:53+00:00
        - Fix for change in the title HTML
        - Date code is still broken - it is out by the timezone of the user
          who wrote the entry, this may not be fixable if we cannot
          determine that user's timezone.

0.10    2002-10-14T10:51:25+01:00
        - Patch from Kate L Pugh fixes noon - 1pm bug and newline title bug

0.09    2002-10-09T15:11:57+01:00
        - Patch from Kate L Pugh fixes recentarray regex bug
        - Patch from Richard Clamp to fix his surname and strptime on Mac OS X
        - Contributed scripts for various statistics by 'jdavidb'

0.08    2002-10-04T15:19:30+01:00
        - Change in u.p.o broke recentarray - fixed

0.07    2002-09-27T17:42:51+01:00
        - Patch from Spoon
        - Gets date information from posts
        - "It produces potentially weird results due to time zones. But I believe
          they are consistently weird. Will probably break if the user logs in."
          -- the patch author

0.06    2002-09-26T10:46:16+01:00
        - Internal change to broke things
        - Thanks to Simon Wilcox and Simon Wistow for both reporting it on
          the same day (which confused me ...).

0.05    2002-03-03T20:14:29+00:00
        - Fixes
        - Interface had changed due to the introduction of the Entry class
        - stringification added to it to make it work as it did before
        - date added to Entry class
        - added Test::Simple dependency to makefile.
        - Many thanks to Richard!

0.04    2002-03-03T18:01:36+00:00
        - Changes from koschei
        - WWW::UsePerl::Journal::Entry class
        - recentarray, recent journal entries.

0.03    2002-02-13T12:46:37+00:00
        - Installed Richard Clamp's patches (finally!)
        - Journal list changed on use.perl
        - user id may be supplied instead of username
        - Added LWP dependency to makefile.
        - Thanks Richard!

0.02    2002-01-28T02:16:46+00:00
        - changed some things and everything broke, now fixed.
        - Interface changed, more OO now...
        - Posting possible via postEntry (thanks to Iain Truskett!)
        - Test suite corrected (thanks to Tony Bowden)

0.01    2002-01-23T18:56:32+00:00
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.19