BARBIE / WWW-UsePerl-Journal-Thread-0.14 / Changes

Revision history for Perl extension WWW::UsePerl::Journal::Thread.

0.14	2012-08-30
	- fixed test count on skip.

0.13	2012-08-26
	- is now read only. 
	  - thread id no longer supported.
        - removed License files from distro.
        - Artistic License v2 now sole license.
        - spelling fixes. (thanks to Nicholas Bamber, Florian Schlichting & 
          Gregor Herrmann).
        - added minimum perl version (5.006).
        - reworked Makefile.PL for clarity.
	- implemented Perl::Critic suggestions.
	- added META.json
	- change file dates changed to meet W3CDTF standards.

0.12	2010-09-30
	- fixed (v0.02) script in examples.
	- fixed META.yml - distribution name
	- this version was not released

0.11	2008-09-29
	- updated optional tests.
	- upgraded WWW-UsePerl-Journal required version to 0.22.
	- fixed regex to match comments for updated use.perl pages.
	- added a script to examples, which can extract all the 
	  journal posts and associated comments, for a given user.

0.10	2007-11-07
	- several fails pointed at bad error handling in the event of a webpage
	  not being returned. Further validation in the event of a page not
	  being found. Thanks to David Cantrell for the diagnostics.
	- bumped several prerequite versions in META.yml
	- incorporated internal debugging as per WUJ.

0.09	2007-10-31
	- relaxed date testing, as timezones can affect the date/time value
	- This is mostly a documentation and license update release.
	- Upped some of the versions of required modules.
	- New META.yml and associated tests added
	- Changed all instances of LICENCE to LICENSE.
	- Added LICENSE file.
	- Added an examples directory
	- POD/README updates.
	- UsePerl has changed its comment formatting.
	- simplified thread and comment storage respectively.
	- added error methods to access faults rather than die-ing.

0.08	2005-04-05
	- Updated test to reflect changes in use.perl
	- Added test scripts
	- Aligned version numbers

0.07	2004-04-22
	- Date in comment wasn't ... d'oh!
	- Date regex was balking. Fixed it up to be more economical and faster

0.06	2004-04-20
	- date/time testing removed due to odd behaviour with use.perl times

0.05	2004-04-19
	- Test::More added as a prerequisites for PPMs
	- Fixed Abstract in Makefile.PL

0.04	2003-11-10
	- Updated Test::Pod requirement
	- Between releases a few comments seem to have
	  gone back an hour on use.perl!!!

0.03	2003-10-08T13:04:18+01:00
	- META.yml added to distribution
	- POD updates

0.02	2003-08-14T12:23:02+01:00
	- POD updates and fixes  

0.01	2003-08-13T09:26:53+01:00
	- original version; based upon WWW::UsePerl::Journal 

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