Revision history for Perl extension Web::Query

0.34 2015-09-23
    - 'filter' was exploding on text nodes. [GH#44]

    - code churn: 4 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

0.33 2015-09-23
    - Make sure we use XML::LibXML > 2.0107 for `unique_keys`. [GH#43]
    - 'filter' with coderef was not generating a sub-WQ object.

    - Be more resilient to #text nodes. (GH#42)

    - code churn: 6 files changed, 101 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)

0.32 2015-08-29
    - add id() as a shortcut method for `->attr('id')`. [GH#38]
    - add 'name()' as a shortcut method for `->attr('name')`. [GH#39]
    - add 'data()' as a shortcut method for `->attr('data-*foo*')`. [GH#40]
    - add `toggle_class()` method. [GH#41]

    - code churn: 5 files changed, 394 insertions(+), 172 deletions(-)

0.31 2015-08-25
  - each() would skip nodes if its subref was calling remove(). [yanick]
  - remove duplicate code for duplicate(). [yanick]

    - code churn: 5 files changed, 46 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

0.30 2015-08-23
  - next_until.t was failing if XML::LibXML isn't installed. [yanick]

0.29 2015-08-21
  - add() now returns a new element (instead of modifying $self). [yanick]
  - added 'not()'. [yanick]
  - added 'and_back'. [yanick]
  - added 'next_until()'. [yanick]

0.28 2015-06-30
  - new_from_html with options was breaking 'end()'. (yanick)

0.27 2014-12-24T00:52:33Z
  - new() with a bad url wasn't returning 'undef' when options were given.
  - Add 'no_space_compacting' option. #33 (yanick)
  - Add 'tagname' to query/modify tag names. #34 (yanick)
  - XPath expressions can now be used as well. #35 (yanick)

0.26 2014-03-31T08:23:34Z
  - impl prev() and next() method #31 (xaicron)

0.25 2014-02-13T01:26:42Z
  - re-packaging(no feature changes)

0.24 2014-02-12T05:34:09Z
  - replace_with: Can't call method "clone" on an undefined value #24
    (Reported by @daxim++, Fixed by @yanick++)

0.23 2013-05-30T16:09:03Z
  - improved find() documentation
  - fixed cpanfile min perl version
  - modified tests to use the expression form of eval to try to load
    Web::Query::LibXML - the block form of eval is not working as expected
    on some perl versions on i386-freebsd (cafe01)

0.22 2013-05-15T23:36:38Z
  - added new module: Web::Query::LibXML
  - modified test files to also test Web::Query::LibXML (if it loads).

0.21 2013-05-15T14:36:11Z
  - new jQuery-compatible method: add()
  - fixed filter() that relied on wrong find() behavior
  - fixed two t/03_traverse.t tests that was expecting wrong behavior from

0.20 2013-05-13T22:51:02Z
  - improved documentation
  - fixed find() to match only descendant elements This is the correct
    jQuery compatible implementation, which I have changed in 0.14 to also
    match root nodes, my bad.
  - fixed tests that relied on that wrong find() behavior. (cafe01)

0.19 2013-05-12T18:19:57Z
  - implemented contents() jQuery-compatible method
  - new() now accepts another Web::Query object (cafe01)      

0.18 2013-05-09T19:40:40Z
  - fixed html() method, now using $self->_build_tree
  - calling parent() instead of undocumented getParentNode()
  - calling disembowel() instead of guts() Need for Web::Query::LibXML, so
    nodes get detached from old document and returned each as root of a new
    document. (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

0.17 2013-05-08T01:18:36Z
  - new_from_file() now calling guts() instead of elementify() So the file
    can contain a document fragment (multiple root nodes) instead of a full
    document (single root). Also, now all new_from_* methods behave the
    same. (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

0.16 2013-04-22T14:26:44Z
  - modified new_from_element() to ignore non-blessed items (Carlos
    Fernando Avila Gratz)
  - created _build_tree() method (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

0.15 2013-04-09T00:29:48Z
  - added clone() method (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)
  - now storing comments from parsed html (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)
  - fixed remove() to get rid of removed element refs removes from $self
    and from all $self->{before}. Also modified how each() instantiates the
    objects, so $_->end works in the callback, which is needed for
    $_->remove() to work in the callback. (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

0.14 2013-04-07T02:22:25Z
  - new jQuery compatible methods, and related tests * append * prepend *
    before * after * insert_before * insert_after * detach * add_class *
    remove_class * has_class (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

0.13 2013-04-05T06:37:27Z
  - fixed find() bug was calling selector_to_xpath() in the loop, breaking
    the selector after the second call. (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)
  - Search from '//' when the node was created from HTML. (tokuhirom)

0.12 2013-04-03T20:24:49Z
  - Make subclass friendly (Carlos Fernando Avila Gratz)

  - Implement a remove method that effects the html results. (gugod++)

    - new_from_url() is no longer throws exception on bad response from
      HTTP server.

  - Switch to Module::Build
  - first() and last() should construct new object, but not modify self

  - added ->map and ->filter methods (Hiroki Honda)
  - fixed as (empty)->first->size and (empty)->last->size return 0 (Hiroki

  - HTML5 support

  - added first, last methods(akiym)

  - added docs for 'how do i customize useragent'.

  - added ->size and ->parent method.

  - fix fucking win32 new line issue. (it may works, i hope.)

  - added docs for find method(reported by kan++).

0.01 2011-02-19T10:38:22Z
  - original version